Curious about your users’ behavior?

Cheers to 12 Months of Insights

What a year it has been! What incredible growth we’ve seen all our users achieve!

From sky-high-converting funnels to a friction-free onboarding experience, how our customers are winning big with data continues to inspire us to make it ever faster and easier for you to move from tracking data to uncovering insights to taking action.

Your endless curiosity and insightful feedback are what shaped the product updates we brought you over the past 12 months. And it’s been so rewarding to see all that you’ve been able to achieve when you have real insights at your fingertips.

Let’s close out the year by celebrating not just our customers’ amazing wins, but also the cool new product updates that helped them get there. Here are some of the new features from this year that our users loved the most.

2021 feature highlights

1. Property Suggestions

Property Suggestions in the Event Visualizer help you easily define richer events by automatically suggesting properties to add to your events based on the HTML data attributes present in your DOM. Bonus? Now all your properties created via Property Suggestions are fully retroactive!

2. Report starring

This year, your reports got a new look! For each of your reports, you can now see who created it, when it was last modified, how many views it got, and more. You can also star reports in order to easily access all your favorites, whether they are reports you have created or ones that have been shared with you.

3. Playbooks

Playbooks take the work out of creating dashboards and make it faster (and a whole lot easier) to get the answers you’re looking for.

Just select a Playbook based on your use case, add the right events (or quickly define them if needed), and then watch as Heap creates a dashboard full of useful, relevant reports. Each report also includes pre-populated notes that help you understand exactly what the report is showing and what to do next.

4. Marketo + Intercom Connectors

Through new integrations with Marketo and Intercom, marketing and customer engagement teams have been able to use insights from customers’ product behavior to personalize their automated campaigns.

The best part? No engineering is required to implement these integrations. Now targeting specific segments based on your customers’ behavior really is as simple as 1) automatically capturing behavioral data, 2) surfacing new insights, 3) taking informed action.

5. New Funnel visualization

Your Funnel interface got a new look that included:

  • A highlights bar that shows overall conversion rate and the step with the highest dropoff, so you immediately see where you need to focus your attention in a Funnel report.
  • A vertical layout that better supports Funnel steps with longer names, as well as Funnels with more steps, so you can get even more granular insights about conversion.

6. Effort Analysis

Effort Analysis provides the first-ever quantitative measurement of user friction, automatically showing you which parts of your site are giving users the most trouble, and why. Before Effort Analysis, you had to guess at what parts of your site gave users the most trouble. Or which fixes would create the biggest improvements. Now you can know both, with certainty!

Effort Analysis gives you quantifiable data so you can measure the impact of your fixes, compare different flows, and set benchmarks across your whole site.

7. Step Suggestions

Step Suggestions analyzes your automatically captured data as you build funnels and proactively suggest steps for you to add — including events you haven’t defined yet. These suggestions are helping our customers identify the major milestones in their users’ journeys, so they can fully understand how users are moving through their digital experience.

8. More Playbooks

Based on your feedback and the analytics expertise of our Customer Success team, we added nine new Playbooks to help jumpstart your reporting on key customer campaigns and feature launches.

From feature engagement and impact to email campaign performance, promotion engagement, and blog performance, these dashboard templates give you ready-to-use reports based on your use case so you can get insights even faster.

9. New BIG metric card

A new Metric Card keeps you updated — at a glance — on the metric that matters most. This report tracks a single metric as a BIG number over time. Whether conversion rate, average session duration, or number of new users, this report helps you sum up performance in just one number.

10. Journey Maps

Journey Maps helps you understand the real journeys customers take on your site, surfacing the choices users encounter — and take — as they move through the experience you’ve created.

Want to know if users who do step X are more likely to convert? Which steps users skip (and which users skip them)? What alternative paths users take? These aren’t things funnels can currently show you.

Journey Maps is helping our customers track these user choices so they can quickly and accurately understand how every single user behavior affects conversion.

11. Top Events

Top Events allow you to see the most common events between any two steps in a funnel. This can help you better understand what your users are doing between each step and how these behaviors affect conversion (expanding your view beyond your original funnel).

To switch over to the top events section, click the “Top Events” tab from within your funnel results. You can also switch to this section by clicking the “N interactions” text in the Effort Analysis section and then clicking “View top events.”

12. Path Comparison

Path Comparison compares the paths of users who did the event vs. those who did not. With this analysis, you can quickly see the number of users who took an optional path, the conversion rate for the optional path, and the likelihood of conversion compared to users who didn't take the optional path.

What this means: you’re able to compare the outcomes of two different user routes (essentially splitting your funnel in two!). If you try to compare the conversion rates of multiple user choices using a typical funnel tool, you’ll end up with the wrong answer. (Don’t believe us? Check out our Digital Insights Report to see why.)

The future of digital insights is bright

With a recent $110M Series D funding round filling our wings, we’re all set to soar in 2022 with some exciting updates on the horizon. From more data-science-driven analysis tools to a complete suite for agile product development, we're so excited to bring you the next generation of digital analytics solutions.

New to Heap? We’d love for you to join us in building a better digital world for users everywhere. Reach out to our team today to learn more!