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February's New Features: Personalizing Customer Connections

Attention all B2B marketers: we’d like to introduce you to your two new best friends — Heap’s Marketo and Intercom Connectors! Through our new integrations with Marketo and Intercom, marketing and customer engagement teams can now use insights from customers’ product behavior to personalize their automated campaigns.

The best part? No engineering is required to implement these integrations. With Heap, targeting specific segments based on customer behavior really is as simple as 1) automatically capturing behavioral data, 2) surfacing new insights, 3) taking informed action.

Introducing our new integrations

The Marketo Connector

Because Heap automatically captures all of the actions customers take on your website or in your app, our new integration with Marketo allows you to tailor email campaigns to specific cohorts of customers based on their product behavior as well as use product behavior to enrich lead scoring.

What this means for your customers: personalized emails that speak directly to how they interact with your product. What this means for you: more engaged customers, higher adoption rates, and reduced churn.

And since this integration is bi-directional, you’re now able to measure success beyond email open rates and number of clicks with clear insight into how your campaigns are impacting product usage. No more data silos. No more generic marketing campaigns.

How the Marketo and Intercom Connectors Work

Here are just a few examples of all you can do with the Marketo Connector:

  • Drive activation with new customers: Improve setup rate and activation for new users and target training and enablement campaigns based on usage patterns.
  • Increase engagement and reduce churn with existing customers: Target inactive or at-risk users/accounts and drive feature adoption or upsell opportunities.
  • Augment Marketo lead scoring: Enrich lead scores based product usage to further qualify customer interest.
  • Convert leads using product data: Tailor nurture campaigns for new or trial users to deliver product-qualified leads to sales.

By using Heap’s behavioral data to power your Marketo campaigns, you can delight your customers with personalized messaging along each step of their journey.

Intercom Connector

Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all approach to product tours and multi-channel customer messaging. With Heap’s new Intercom Connector, marketing and customer engagement teams are now able to create opportunities for personalized connections with customers based on their product usage.

Once you start syncing Heap’s behavioral data with Intercom, you can begin targeting new customers for onboarding sequences, educating current customers on new features, and upselling high-value customers at just the right time using personalized web/mobile push notifications, email, in-app chat, and in-app product tours.

What this means for your customers: automated messaging that actually feels human. What this means for you: more feature engagement, higher adoption rates, and reduced churn. Like the Marketo Connector, Heap’s integration with Intercom is also bi-directional, so you can directly measure the real impact of personalized emails and in-app messages on customer behavior.

Marketo Intercom Connectors in Action

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with this integration:

  • Increase product-led growth: Tailor messaging during a free trial to improve time-to-value.
  • Promote onboarding and feature discovery: Highlight new features to groups of customers who are most likely to adopt.
  • Drive retention with existing customers: Target inactive or at-risk users/accounts.
  • Personalize product and marketing announcements: Tailor event invites based on user behavior.
  • Send targeted surveys: Segment NPS surveys based on a user’s role or behavior.

Interested in seeing for yourself what the Marketo and Intercom Connectors can do for you? Reach out to your Heap Customer Success Manager**to start your free trial!

New report governance tools

Entering a new year is always a great motivator for getting organized. So we’ve overhauled how you save, organize, and find reports in Heap. Now sharing key insights across your organization is easier than ever. Here’s all that’s new with reports.

Preview relevant report data

We’ve placed key report characteristics front and center by adding them to the previews in your reports page. When browsing your reports in Heap, you’ll now see the following highlights:

  • Report description
  • Last modified date
  • Creator
  • Relevant dashboards
  • Number of views by your team in the last 90 days

Filter to find just what you need

Looking for something specific? Use the new dropdown filters to quickly sort through your reports.

Report Filters

Star reports for easy access

Create a report you love? No need to copy-paste it to a dashboard in your personal space. Now you can simply star important reports to quickly locate them later.

How to star a report to save it for later

Usability updates: Making the data work for you

File upload limits — supersized

Heap power users know the potential of user segmentation and analysis and often upload text files of additional data (i.e., lists of account names or webinar attendee emails) to Heap to filter even further. The problem? Heap limited the size of the files you could upload to 5kb or 50 lines. This meant you had to split the text file into several files in order to use that data in a filter.

Not anymore. Now with a 100kb file limit and no more line restrictions, it will feel like the sky’s the limit.

Collapsible web Event Visualizer navbar

While we love a good navbar for knowing where to go, it doesn’t always need to be front and center. With the new collapsible web Event Visualizer navbar, it’s easier than ever to define the events on every part of your site. If the navbar is covering part of your website, just move it out of the way.

Collapsing the web Event Visualizer navbar

More support for Android

Got the latest version of SDK Build Tools? Heap can handle it. Heap’s Android SDK (version 1.7.1 and above) now supports up to Gradle 4.1 — the latest version of Android Build Tools. Check out our changelog here for more information.

Thanks to you

This product update was made possible by users like you! Many thanks to all of our users whose insightful feedback put these product features on the map. You’ve got great ideas — keep ‘em coming at

And don’t forget to check back here next month for more new stuff!

Want to see more insights in action? Reach out to our team here to see what Heap’s analytics platform can do for you.