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March's New Features: Playbooks for Winning Insights

This month we’ve released new features that make it easier than ever to go from data to insight. With practical guidance for building reports, our new Playbooks give you the Plays you need to win. And by optimizing user data migration to BigQuery, Heap’s made it faster (and a whole lot cheaper) to get the answers you’re looking for.

Read on to see what’s new!

Introducing: Playbooks

Best practices for analytics tools usually live in ebooks and webinars — they tell you what to add your tracking plan, what charts to create, and what to do next based on what you see. But because you still have to translate these best practices into the specific context of your use case, it may take weeks to months before these guidelines turn into tangible, actionable insights.

Now Heap not only tracks all of your data for you, we give you guidance for getting the right insights — instantly. With our new Playbooks, we’ve taken best practices developed by our Customer Success team and built them directly into Heap as curated templates that take the work out of creating dashboards.

Just select one of our new Playbooks based on your use case, add the right events (or quickly define them if needed), and then watch as Heap creates a dashboard full of useful, relevant reports. Each report also includes pre-populated notes that help you understand exactly what the report is showing and what to do next.

Playbooks Acquisition Example

Whether you’re just getting started and need to understand your acquisition funnel, or you want a standard way to measure feature adoption with every launch, Playbooks will help you and your team quickly move from data to insight.

imagePlaybooks Feature Adoption Example

More new stuff built just for you

Thanks to all of your feedback, we’re releasing some highly requested usability updates (along with some bonus ones!). You’ve got great ideas — keep ‘em coming at

Legends that stick

Before today, you had to hover over line graphs in order to view the legends. Now legends for your line graphs will always be visible, so you can identify the different groups in a graph without having to dive into the report. It’s easier than ever to quickly screenshot and share insights.

Persistent legends

Double the groups, double the insights

We’ve raised the limit on the number of groups you can compare in graphs and funnels from 2 to 4. Slice and dice your data to your heart’s content!

Grouping Graph Results

Big updates to our BigQuery integration

Managing user migrations: In order to analyze cross-platform customer journeys, data engineers using BigQuery had to migrate user IDs before doing cross-platform analysis and reporting. Not anymore. Now Heap does it for you! Just like with our other warehouse integrations, Heap unifies cross-platform journeys so you can start analyzing right away.

Filtering by time: Heap Connect data in BigQuery is now better optimized for querying when filtering by time (i.e. number of page views in the last month, number of form submissions last week etc.), so it’s faster than ever (and a whole lot cheaper) to answer your most common business questions.

Spreading Snowflake support

We’ve expanded our support for Heap Connect-Snowflake to the following data centers/regions: Microsoft Azure australia-east and Amazon eu-central-1.

Opt in to data privacy

Heap’s Android SDK now makes it easy to turn off tracking when your customers opt out, helping your team comply with data privacy regulations. Visit our Developer Guides to learn more about how developers can take advantage of this update.

That’s it for March

If you’ve missed seeing the new stuff we’ve been releasing each month, you can catch up here.

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