Segments: behavior-driven user cohorts

Create user cohorts based on real actions taken on your site or app. Understand how different users navigate your digital experience, personalize communications, and bring third-party data into Heap to build user segments that accurately incorporate the full customer journey.

    Heap Segments: behavior-driven user cohorts
    Digital experience segments

    Segment users based on what they do, not just who they are

    Heap helps you analyze users by their actual behavior so you can create powerful experiences with pinpoint accuracy.

    Build a digital experience based in customer empathy

    Heap helps you quickly identify patterns in user behavior so you can group users accordingly and engage them based on their actual experience.

    • Merge Salesforce data with Heap to track high-value users from first touch through adoption.

    • Discover the different actions users take when coming from each marketing channel.

    • Leverage user segmentation to personalize the product or site experience.

    Read our complete guide about user segmentation.


    Power the rest of your tech stack

    Use Heap’s behavior-driven segments to power precise experimentation, personalization, and customer engagement across your entire tech stack.

    • Experiment endlessly using behavioral-based segments via integrations with A/B testing platforms like Optimizely.

    • Personalize prospect and customer communication by targeting behavior-driven cohorts in marketing suites like Marketo.

    • Build targeted user guides from custom segments.

    • Pull CSV files of user lists for additional third-party analysis.

    Learn more about segments

    Target the users that matter

    • Analyze user behavior with granularity

      Take any segment and apply it to any chart built in Heap to uncover deeper customer insights.

    • Track value drivers

      Create segments of your most important customers and build dashboards around them.

    • Connect multiple applications

      Export segments to multiple applications to power the rest of your tech stack.

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    Segmentation lets us see how people are using new features compared to the old. Heap let us get more in tune with setting good quantitative adoption-type and engagement-type benchmarks for new features.

    Nick Smith, Redfin

    Nick Smith

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