Enrichment: supercharge your data

Enrich user, account, and event properties with rich detail from your internal and third-party systems to deepen your understanding of the customer journey.

    Website page and mobile app data sent to Heap

    Context for real insights

    Understand what makes your customers tick, from individual users to large accounts.

    Data from two locations sent via API to since location

    Enrich your dataset

    Use APIs to create unique identities for your users across multiple sessions, add product data to purchase events, and build account-based data models for group-by analysis.

    • Track purchase patterns across platforms and browsers to get a holistic picture of product usage.

    • Send server-side purchase data such as when the payment was processed, what was purchased, and more.

    • Add additional user properties to an event, including region, age, and feature usage.

    Explore the API

    Heap snapshot to edit fields passed into Heap

    Add insights with Snapshots

    Inject metadata to Autocaptured events to collect important user actions like form fills, browser dimensions, and check-out prices — all without writing a single line of code.

    • Grab text from any element in your experience and add it as an event property.

    • Capture form-fill data like name, title, and phone number, and add them to a form submission event.

    • Use custom javascript to grab any data you want and attach it to an event.

    Learn about Snapshots

    A complete dataset for digital insights

    • Customize your data model for your needs

      Build a robust data model that matches the complexity of your business.

    • Understand everything customers do

      Pull data sources together to see how user behavior affects other parts of the business.

    • Attach metadata to anything

      Javascript functions, browser data, visually attached to any event of your choosing.

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    Heap’s Snapshots is a super tool. We use it to trigger a number of key events that push data to our support tools, CRM, and CS platform, all without any engineering time. This is a big ROI win for us.

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    Benjamin Smith

    Principal Data Scientist

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