World-class security for your business

Custom security configurations, built-in PII protections, encrypted data transfer, SOC 2/GDPR compliance, and programmable controls keep your customer data safe and secure.

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    A comprehensive approach to digital security

    Heap takes the safety of your customer data seriously by investing in security technology, compliance certifications, and extensive employee training.

    • Practical protections for the unexpected

      Safeguard your customer data with PII protections and encrypted infrastructure.

      • Easily set rules for managing and redacting sensitive information captured with Heap.
      • All data entering or leaving Heap infrastructure is encrypted with TLS/HTTPS.
      • Advanced cookie security allows you to enforce secondary protections.

      Common questions about privacy

    • Compliance for internal practices and internationalization

      Support compliance with state or international data privacy regulations while meeting stringent internal protection requirements.

      • Meet GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other requirements with our data management tools.
      • IP address/geolocation disabling prevents data capture from designated locations or addresses.
      • Allow customers to opt-out of data collection on web, iOS, or Android.

      Our approach to compliance

    Our commitment to verifiable trust

    • Remain informed and in compliance

      Our business continuity and customer notification plans meet the requirements of the world’s largest financial services companies.

    • Stay protected with physical security

      Heap is hosted in a SOC 2 facility with strictly controlled access, professional security, and intrusion detection systems.

    • Ensure rigor with employees

      All of our employees undergo security training with continuous education on industry best practices with regular third-party audits.

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    With Heap you get peace of mind and power at the same time.

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    Nick Smith

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