Customer 360 Analytics

Heap is the fastest and easiest way to capture all user interactions from your website, product, and mobile app, and send it to your data warehouse for a complete 360-degree view of your customers’ journeys.

With the flip of a switch, automated pipelines sync your customer engagement data with Snowflake, s3, Redshift, and BigQuery — no ETL needed.

    customer data points shared to data lakes such as Snowflake, Redshift, etc.

    With Heap we can have true cross-platform journeys for the customer experiences on our site.

    Etrade, Michael Grounds

    Michael Grounds

    Vice President, Digital Analytics

    Heap autocapture

    Complete, retroactive data

    From the moment Heap is installed, every single user event, from clicks to pageviews, form submissions and field changes, is automatically captured and available for analysis.

    With a retroactive dataset, all of your historical data is available to answer any new questions about user behavior whenever they arise.

    Illustration showing Heap connecting data into a warehouse

    Automated architecture

    Heap Connect automatically models behavioral data in a user-centric schema, making it simple to combine with other sources to build an integrated view of your users.

    With standardized architecture, your team can spend less time munging data and more time generating insights.

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    Centralize your data sources

    Heap Connect makes it easy to blend behavioral data with other BI data, with minimal engineering requirements.

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    Getting started is easy

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