How Heap compares to other tools

Analytics platforms are not the same. From Amplitude to Mixpanel and Pendo, they either provide incomplete data, or require too much engineering to give you the insights you need at the speed of today’s digital economy.

Only Heap’s complete, organized, and accessible data foundation can illuminate the hidden insights your teams need to win.

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Proactive insights built on a complete autocaptured dataset

Hidden insights automatically surfaced from autocaptured dataset in real time

Complete, accessible historical data

Entire customer journey automatically tracked across web, iOS, Android

Codeless process to manage lifecycle of dataset as product changes

Only Heap: is easy to implement; gives you access to complete historical data; lets you track new behaviors without needing engineers; makes it simple to enrich data with 3rd-party sources; and allows you to instantly answer new questions, all the time

Data you can trust

Heap is the only platform that brings together a complete, trustworthy dataset by automatically capturing every data point in the user journey — and integrates data science to surface hidden friction in the user experience for you.

With Heap’s single snippet of code (and no eng), you’ll automatically capture every click, swipe, tap, pageview, and fill — forever.

Webpage with call to action "Sign up" and a line chart and bar chart of engagement data.

Smarter, faster insights

Only Heap is architected to surface and identify key insights that are typically hidden deep in your data. Heap instantly illuminates the “unknown unknowns”, delivering insights that empower your teams to move faster and take action to build better digital experiences.

Only Heap will give you:

  • No gaps in your data

  • Visibility into complete user journey

  • Minimal engineering and administrative work

  • Agility to build and govern a trustworthy data foundation

  • Intelligence to identify hidden points of user friction

  • Fully democratized, accessible data

How Heap stacks up

Why 8,000 customers choose Heap

  • “Pendo did not meet two of our key requirements: automatically capture every user interaction and integration with our data warehouse. With Pendo, the product team kept coming to me with questions they couldn’t answer. We chose Heap so the product team could be self-serve.”

    Ben Smith
    Senior Data Scientist

  • Casper

    “Implementing GA was too resource-intensive. We used to find ourselves having to de-prioritize analytics or even put deployments entirely on hold to make sure analytics were set up prior to launch. With Heap, we make no sacrifices when it comes to the robustness of our data."

    Michelle Ballen
    Senior Data Analyst

  • “Heap blew Amplitude out of the water! The major differentiator being UI/UX and Heap’s ability to track events that were not defined by us upfront. As a non-developer, I find Heap insanely user-friendly.”

    Lisa Palombo
    Product Manager