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Heap named Glassdoor’s #1 Best Place to Work in 2019

#1 on Glassdoor

“Great people, technology and culture!” It’s this trifecta that has led the San Francisco company to be named #1 on Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work for small-to-medium sized businesses. We have a 4.8 rating and 94% would recommend Heap to a friend.

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We’re a small team building the analytics engine that powers 6,000 companies and helps them make smarter decisions.


Heap automates away the pain of data. Other analytics tools require you to define events upfront and manually instrument code. Instead, Heap automatically captures everything: clicks, submissions, taps, etc. This lets our users analyze data instantly and retroactively, without writing code.

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Our Values

We believe these values will help us create a winning business and a work culture we’re proud of. We recognize these values are aspirational. No one at Heap adheres to 100% of these values 100% of the time, but we know this is the direction we need to go in order to achieve our vision.

Help Our Customers Win

Our customers decide our future. We exist to unearth their needs and alleviate their pain. For every decision, we try to answer the question “does this help our customers win?”

Assume Good Intentions

Our collaboration hinges on the Principle of Charity. We interpret the intent behind our teammates’ actions as charitably as we can. If we don’t understand something, we default to curiosity rather than judgment.

Emphasize Slope Over Y-Intercept

The most important decisions we make are choosing who we work with. We want teammates with immense potential (slope), not just those with past success (y-intercept).

Prioritize Until It Hurts

We move quickly through ruthless prioritization. We believe in the Pareto principle; that 80% of the results come from 20% of the work. We identify the few things that are highest leverage and over-achieve on them.

Heap’s Commitment to DEI

Our Culture

Heap is committed to maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community within and outside of Heap.

To do so, our committees, including the DEI and Culture Committees, meet regularly to gather feedback and best practices on our DEI initiatives. Heap also supports our Employee Resource Groups, like Heap-Womxn and Heap-Pride, to celebrate and foster a diverse, inclusive community in our workplace.

Ask us for more details about our DEI initiatives, committees, and ERGs!


What we offer

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Full-suite of benefits

401(K) Matching

Match 100% employee contribution up to 1% of your salary

Unlimited Vacation

3 week minimum required!

Mental Escape

Take a day off — monthly

Student Loan Contribution

Monthly contributions towards your student loans

Professional Development

$1000 annual stipend

Work From Home Stipend

$1000 towards your home workspace plus $50/month towards internet.

Treat Yo Self Day

Get $100 to take a day off work when you’re stressed and ‘Treat Yo Self’ to something relaxing on the company dime

Cloud Credits

$50/month for personal use of AWS or other cloud providers

Join our team and see where we take you.

Our Offices

Our headquarters are in bustling San Francisco. As a company with global reach, we are proud to have satellite offices in New York and London, as well as remote employees around the world.

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