Funnel Optimization

Build a better customer experience by optimizing user flows across your site.

Heap helps you reduce friction and target the customers most likely to convert by revealing the true drivers of conversion across your digital experience.

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    We wanted to answer questions like, ‘how many people took x, y, z actions in this order.’ For that, we needed a better, more flexible tool.

    Alan D'Souza, Director of Product Analytics

    Alan D’Souza

    Director of Product Analytics

    Top Events report in Heap analytics

    Optimize the REAL customer journey

    If you’re looking to build a better digital experience, you need to know what parts of your site users find it hard to get through. Heap's Illuminate capabilities surface the hidden areas of friction that are most impacting conversion across your digital experience. Journey Maps reveal the impact on conversion of every event in your funnel, and Path Comparison shows which customer paths lead to the best results. With Heap, you can quickly and easily:

    • Uncover the steps in your funnels that create friction and impede conversion

    • Understand which events most users performed prior to moving to the next step

    • Compare user journeys leading up to conversion and measure the impact of each step

    Learn about Conversion Rate Optimization

    Edit segment criteria in Heap

    Use segments to define group performance

    Does reading reviews or blog posts correlate with higher conversion rates? Which channels bring in the most customers who convert? What demographic information translates into higher conversion?

    Heap helps you answer these questions and more, so you can customize your marketing or personalize your in-app experience to target the users most likely to convert.

    • Segment user groups to discover correlations between conversion and demographics, channel, or in-app behaviors.

    • Identify the user behaviors that best predict conversion and direct users towards those actions.

    • Uncover unexpected drivers of conversion and unexpected sources of long-term revenue.

    Use data to increase your bottom line

    • Explore your data

      Dig through a complete set of user data — captured automatically! — to find unexpected correlations that hugely increase conversion.

    • Delight your users

      With Heap, you can create a user experience that provides enormous value, increasing conversion rates across the board.

    • Be rigorous in your process

      Improve conversion consistently over time by testing, measuring, and repeating. Leverage user data to refine your efforts.

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