Dashboards: instant insight on critical metrics

With Dashboards, your teams can align on core business metrics and coordinate insights-driven action across the organization.

    Heap Dashboards: instant insight on critical metrics

    Keep track of the changes that really matter

    Move the needle, not the number

    Heap helps you drive measurable business outcomes by letting you custom group relevant charts. Build a better and more complete picture of your digital experience — however you slice it.

    • Filter charts in any given dashboard by time period to keep insights relevant.

    • Categorize dashboards with the same conventions as events and charts for continuity.

    • Star your favorite dashboards to keep them at the top of your list and close at hand.

    Dig into Dashboards

    Dashboard > Marketing KPIs Examples

    Guide decisions based on the indicators that matter most

    Whether you’re building a dashboard for yourself or one for your team, Heap helps you bring data to the forefront of your decision-making.

    • Quickly share dashboards with a link or invite a team member to explore through email.

    • Track the most viewed dashboards across your org with top dashboards.

    • Build a home dashboard to monitor core metrics and critical charts.


    Conversations are more constructive with Heap. When senior leadership says, ‘show me what you’ve done,’ I can pull up a dashboard and show them metrics we’ve moved the needle on instead of a laundry list of features.

    Joe Pfeiffer

    Joe Pfeiffer

    VP of Product

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