Heap Journey Maps

Reality Check: customer behavior is unpredictable. And you’re not seeing all of it.

Journey Maps shines a light on what your customers are really doing.

Our platform’s powerful data science layer scours your dataset to automatically uncover the customer behavior that most impacts your business.

Journey Maps shows you the way

Don’t miss the real customer journey. Discover the true path to business success with Heap Illuminate.

Let’s get real: introducing Journey Maps

Journey Maps helps you understand the real journeys customers take on your site, so you can quickly and accurately understand how every single user behavior affects conversion.

  • Uncover hidden opportunities

    Zero in on the areas of friction and opportunity that most impact your customers’ digital experience.

  • Optimize faster

    Take quick, meaningful action, knowing you’re not missing anything important.

  • Analyze parallel customer journeys

    Compare the impact on conversion when customers skip steps in the funnel. Get a clear picture of how each user path is performing.

Journey Maps, a powerful Heap Illuminate feature, is the first tool ever that can track how users navigate multiple paths that lead to the same goal, or measure the impact of optional steps in a funnel.

Want to know if users who do step X are more likely to convert? Which steps users skip (and which users skip them)? What alternative paths users take?

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We love Heap because Autocapture combined with Heap Illuminate gives us every insight we need for agile experimentation.

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What Funnels Don’t Let You See

63% of funnels contain an alternative path to conversion — that isn’t tracked. See what else you might be missing. A lot, turns out.

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