Heap vs Google Analytics

Heap vs Google Analytics

Understand user behavior, not marketing spend

Heap is a Google Analytics alternative that:

  1. Goes beyond the session and pageview metrics of Google Analytics
  2. Automatically captures clicks, field changes, and form submissions
  3. Delivers a complete, cross-device view of your users

While Google Analytics was made to help digital marketers with advertising spend, Heap was built to provide insights into what users actually do in your product - what actions they take, how they convert, what customer segments they come from, and more.

Unlike Google Analytics, Heap enables granular insight into every step of the customer journey, giving product and marketing teams the power to build exceptional digital experiences that convert and retain users.

Robust Analytics


Buttons, drop-downs, and forms – out of the box

While Google Analytics only tracks sessions and pageviews, Heap automatically captures clicks, field changes, and form submissions, even as you make updates and add new features.

Heap enables a complete view of user engagement, letting you understand feature usage and user friction without endless engineering effort.

User Analytics

A complete view of your users

The modern user journey takes place across multiple visits, devices, and platforms. Unfortunately, Google Analytics only partially combines anonymous and identified user behavior, and can’t combine cross-device behaviors longer than 90 days apart.

Heap doesn’t have these limitations. With Heap, you can follow customer journeys of any length and complexity, optimizing retention and conversion no matter what devices or platforms your customers use, or when they used them.


Implementing GA was too resource-intensive.

When attempting to understand granular user engagement, it was impossible to get data and answer questions quickly.