A Superior Digital Experience Platform

Don’t settle for incomplete analytics. Only Heap surfaces hidden insights in real-time, then pairs automatic data capture with data science and session replay. Understand everything happening in your digital experience, instantly.

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Requires 3rd party analytics tool for deeper analysis

Single unified platform for adhoc behavioral analysis and qualitative session replay

Ad hoc and time-based analysis of any behavior at the event, user, session, and account level

Watch exact moment of drop-off in funnels with cued session recordings

Top events between funnel steps paired with session replay for every interaction

Event definition window including session replay for data validation

Native retention analysis modules

Funnel analysis with built-in automation that goes beyond drop-offs and conversions

Weigh and analyze which behaviors or marketing channels influence conversion

Funnels with built-in effort analysis surfacing 3 signals of user struggle

Automated data science layer providing real-time suggestions and next steps to guide and enhance analysis

Complete autocaptured event-based data set

Visual labeling allowing users to freely navigate product or website and define any event without code

Built-in data governance, event management, and enforced naming conventions

Stream chronological, real-time views of all your raw and defined Heap events

Explore defined and raw events surfacing most visited pages and frequency of usage to automatically generate charts or define in one place

Surfacing high-level friction points and canned metrics don't cut it for best-in-class digital experiences. Only Heap goes beyond simple KPIs and friction alerts by giving what's needed to understand the full scope of what users are doing so you can be proactive in your product development lifecycle.

Watch real behavior

No other platform pairs the power of Heap’s quantitative insights and data foundation with the ability to watch the exact moments that matter. 

With Heap you’ll be able to:

  • Have a single source of truth with quantitative analytics and qualitative session replay

  • Watch the exact moments users drop out of a funnel

  • See recordings of top interactions happening between funnel steps

  • Filter to individual users or events and watch relevant session replays

  • Know exactly what an event definition means by watching the exact interaction 

Go beyond surfacing friction

Don't end up with a digital experience platform that is only designed to find and fix friction. Heap delivers what's needed to dig into your data and go beyond high-level analysis, so you can understand what's driving users to act in the first place. 

Heap delivers:

  • True self-service analytics with the power to ask anything against complete data

  • Built-in modules for the effortless analysis of retention, funnel effort, and the influence of touchpoints, journeys, paths, and more

  • Automated data science that guides or enhances analytics in real-time by making suggestions

Next generation automated insights

Rather than reacting to alerts or manually digging around in data for answers, Heap provides automated data science powered by Illuminate, that shows where to focus attention through guiding analysis that leads to key business value.  It's the difference between being told something happened and having a data science partner in your exploration that directs you to build the most impactful analysis possible.

Only Heap will give you:

  • Natively built-in replays for every funnel step and drop-off

  • Automated insights into funnel effort with key markers for simple quantification

  • Real-time steps and guidance while building funnels and journeys

  • Top events paired with interactions between steps and builtin replays

Complete data, complete insights

Data is the backbone that makes analysis possible. Only Heap allows you to completely govern and access all of your raw data with codeless feature sets. Heap goes beyond capturing data as session recordings and brings together a complete, trustworthy dataset by automatically capturing every data point in the user journey and gives best-in-class features to make it accessible and democratized.

With Heap’s single snippet of code (and no eng), you’ll automatically capture recordings of every session, every click, swipe, tap, pageview, and fill — forever.

Session Replay in Events

A single place for any question

Why settle for an incomplete Digital Experience platform? Most platforms can't deliver the ability to ask open-ended questions and freely explore your data like Heap can. Many even recommend you use a third-party tool to ask questions they can't answer. Only Heap will give you a single source of truth for all of your quantitative and qualitative insights.

Heap’s single source will: 

  • Increase ROI on analytics spend

  • Reduce the need for multiple tools

  • Increase time to value for nontechnical users

  • Limit context switching between multiple platforms

  • Create a single repository for any insight

  • Limit time needed for integrations and data shuffling

How Heap stacks up

See why over 8,000 customers choose Heap

  • “Pendo did not meet two of our key requirements: automatically capture every user interaction and integration with our data warehouse. With Pendo, the product team kept coming to me with questions they couldn’t answer. We chose Heap so the product team could be self-serve.”

    Ben Smith
    Senior Data Scientist

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    “Within minutes of getting into Heap, we answered questions we had struggled to even approach with Pendo.”

    Mike Siegel
    Senior Product Manager

  • “The sticking point with Amplitude is the never-ending battle between product and engineering. With Heap, it’s just a half-day for an engineer to install, and then I can answer my questions from that point by myself.”

    Lane Zimmerman
    Product Manager