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Drive Your Optimization Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization

Build the experience that turns users into customers. Leverage robust data to eliminate friction in your acquisition funnel.

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  • Improve Your Team’s Agility Icon

    Improve Your Team’s Agility

    Decrease the time from question to insight with Heap’s innovative approach to data collection. With access to retroactive data, you always have the data you need to build high-impact hypotheses or interpret your experiments’ results.

  • Increase Your Data Access Icon

    Increase Your Data Access

    Eliminate the roadblocks in collecting and understanding user behavior. Heap automatically captures every interaction and provides user-friendly ways to define and analyze on-site and in-app behaviors, without requiring tracking code or SQL queries.

  • Increase Company Revenue Icon

    Increase Company Revenue

    Use behavior to optimize high-impact changes. Find your underserved customers and deliver product and marketing changes that increase your conversion rate and drive up your company’s bottom line.

Companies like LendingClub, Harman by Samsung, and Opploans are eliminating dropoff in their customer acquisition flows with Heap.

Watch Opploan's Head of Marketing share his success with Heap.

“Heap enabled us to identify and eliminate friction in the customer experience. When Heap showed us, with specificity, how the fourth step in our funnel was broken, we were able to make meaningful improvements to our pre-pop experience. This resulted in a seven-figure lift in new issued principle annually”

Matt Gomes
Matt Gomes, Director of Marketing
Remove Points of Friction

Eliminate bottlenecks and build a better customer experience by optimizing your site. Identify dropoff in key user flows to maximize impact.

  • Measure how different behaviors impact your conversion rate. Determine what customer behaviors to encourage and which actions detract from the customer experiments
  • Compare conversion rates across devices, browsers, and different user segments
  • Understand how different users segments convert through your site to build a more personalized experience
Codelessly Integrate with Best-in-Class Experimentation Platforms

Heap has one-click integrations with leading experimentation platforms like Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize so you can iterate even faster.

  • Generate hypotheses faster with retroactive data on every user action
  • Evaluate the success of your experiments across different user segments, browsers, marketing channels, and devices to build a more personalized experience
  • Analyze the effect of A/B tests on secondary metrics to improve the overall site experience. Get takeaways on optimizing the customer experience even when experiments are inconclusive
Optimize Your Customers’ Experience Across Devices

Measure your customer’s experience as they navigate across different platforms. Heap’s best-in-class identity resolution retroactively stitches your customer’s histories together so you can get a complete view.

  • Optimize conversion rates on mobile, desktop, and the multi-device journey
  • Combine pre-purchase and cross-device behaviors to get a complete picture of your user’s entire history
  • Drill into every action your customers take to see friction points across each device
cross device cro
Compare Effectiveness Across Different Acquisition Channels

Analyze the impact of different marketing campaigns Heap automatically captures information referral, UTM, and landing page information to surface marketing campaign optimizations.

  • Compare the success of different marketing campaigns. Measure how each campaign drives traffic and how each channel converts
  • Compare conversion rates by landing page to optimize your customer flow
  • Incorporate email data for your ESP with our one-click integrations and analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns
CRO by channel

Optimize Your Conversion Rate with Heap

Learn how Heap helps product and marketing teams build an optimized customer experience with a complete, retroactive dataset.
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Companies like Thirdlove use Heap to accelerate growth. Increase your revenue through on-site and in-app optimization.

Learn how Thirdlove increase their mobile conversions by 50%.

“Flexibility and the ability to quickly create ad hoc funnels is key for us. Since Heap’s funnels are so simple to use, analyzing test experiences is painless.”

Amanda Rosenberg
Amanda Rosenberg, Head of Analytics