Conversion Rate Optimization


Improving conversion rates and driving growth requires iteration and experimentation. Doing these requires the right approach to analytics.

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A Smarter Approach to Product Development

Better Decisions

Make better decisions, faster.

Increase Revenue

Use behavior to optimize high-impact changes. Find your underserved customers and ship changes that drive up your bottom line.

Expand Data Access

Heap automatically captures every on-site and in-app behavior, without requiring tracking code or SQL queries.

Improve Agility

With access to retroactive data, you always have the data you need to build high-impact hypotheses or interpret your experiments’ results.

Our Customers

Learn how Casper increased their conversion rate by 20%

With Heap automating the collection and organization of data, Casper always has the information they need without extra burden on engineering.

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Codelessly Integrate with Best-in-Class Experimentation Platforms

Integrate and Experiment

Heap has one-click integrations with leading experimentation platforms like Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize so you can iterate even faster.

  • Generate hypotheses faster with retroactive data on every user action
  • Evaluate the success of your experiments across different user segments, browsers, marketing channels, and devices to build a more personalized experience
  • Analyze the effect of A/B tests on secondary metrics to improve the overall site experience. Get takeaways on optimizing the customer experience even when experiments are inconclusive

Remove Points of Friction


Eliminate bottlenecks and build a better customer experience by optimizing your site. Identify dropoff in key user flows and build your experimentation roadmap.

  • Measure how different behaviors impact your conversion rate and identify behavior that deviates from your happy path.
  • Determine what customer behaviors to encourage and which actions detract from the customer experience
  • Compare conversion rates across devices, browsers, and different user segments
  • Understand how different users segments convert through your site to build a more personalized experience

Optimize The Entire Customer Journey

Better Experiences

Heap helps you understand all touchpoints – from acquisition to conversion – and beyond.

  • Heap automatically captures referral, UTM, and landing page information to surface campaign optimizations
  • Heap’s best-in-class identity resolution retroactively stitches your customers’ histories together to give you a complete view of your cross-platform or cross-device experience
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns on lifetime value by incorporating email data from your ESP with our one-click integrations

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