Virtual Events: flexible events to match your needs

Virtual Events

With Virtual Events, you can retroactively name and manage customer interactions without ever touching your codebase. It’s a smarter way to manage your product data.

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What is a Virtual Event?

What is a virtual event?

A Virtual Event is a way to apply labels to raw data without modifying that data. You can assign multiple labels to the same autocaptured interaction, even retroactively. This gives you extreme flexibility and keeps both your dataset and your analyses clean and trustworthy, forever.

  • Decouple analytics from code
  • Event dictionary keeps your virtual events, cohorts, and properties organized
  • Easily modify, merge, or create definitions as your business evolves
A closer look at Virtual Events

Whitepaper: Why Data Virtualization is an Analytics Game Changer

See why data virtualization is the smarter approach to analytics.

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Retroactive data with clicks, not code

Anyone (not just engineers) can create virtual events in Heap with a point-and-click UI. Add new events as new questions come up, and get answers in seconds

Ultimate flexibility

Virtual Events are created in Heap, not in your codebase. They live in a layer above the autocaptured data, so you can change, combine, and delete them without losing data or needing to wait for new data.

A trustworthy, clean dataset

Since Virtual Events are created without code, they can be modified and updated at any time. With Heap, you can ensure your data set is up-to-date, neatly named, and trusted by everyone as your product grows.

Deliver insights with ease

deliver insights

Our virtualization tools allow anyone to get insights in minutes.

  • Point-and-Click Editor: Event Visualizer allows you to codelessly create new Virtual Events
  • Retroactive Definitions: Virtual Events apply across the entire dataset so new questions can be answered immediately
  • Virtual Properties: Combine different property values and renamed properties to create updated key-value pairs

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