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Smart, fun, talented, thoughtful, and driven — you won’t find a better group of people to work with than our Engineering team! But don’t take our word for it; read on to see what some of our engineers have to say about what it’s like to work at Heap.

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Casie Chen

Software Engineer II Data Platform Team Location: San Francisco Time at Heap: 6 months

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What does your team work on?

The Data Platform team works on the parts of our data ingestion pipeline that write to the database, flowing incoming (raw) data to the right places, and making that data available in a more intuitive shape for customers (i.e., in the form of virtual events). We’re most frequently exploring ways to decrease latency from data ingest to availability.

What brought you to Heap?

One of my highest priorities is working with kind people. In my interviews with Heap, I had high confidence that the people I’d be working with would be mature and thoughtful based on the extra effort they put into answering my questions and how invested they were in the entire process.

What are you working on that you’re excited about?

  1. Decomposing one of our more complex services into a couple of services with more clearly defined boundaries.
  2. Building visibility into the services we own. I’m all for anything that makes understanding esoteric stuff more easily accessible to more people.

What do you like most about working at Heap?

I appreciate that my teammates are always building on each other’s ideas, and pointing out specific ways in which our successes were only possible through our teamwork.


Matt Dupree

Software Engineer II Insights Team Location: Orlando, FL Time at Heap: 1 year

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What are three words that describe Heap?

  1. Thoughtful: I’ve never seen leadership drop P-values in a statement about recruiting before! The team is intentional about everything they do.
  2. Fun: even though my team is fairly new, we’ve gotten pretty close and we mess around and have a good time hanging out.
  3. Challenging: I’m doing a lot of things that I haven’t done before, so I’m never bored.

What surprised you about Heap?

When I accepted Heap’s offer, the recruiter asked me, “Now what team do you want to be on?”. I had assumed based on my background that I’d be working on mobile, but Heap gave me the option of choosing to work on what I was most interested in. So I experienced Heap’s value of “Slope Over Y-Intercept” right away, and I enjoyed trying something new.

What do you like about working for Heap?

The work/life balance is awesome. I’m a new dad, and that’s really important to me. The benefits in general are incredible, and the People team is really thoughtful about what they provide for us. Also, the problems I work on are really interesting, and the people are all great.

What’s been your favorite project so far at Heap?

I worked on a really interesting data governance project in which we created a way to alert users to inactive events, which they could then archive to keep their interface clean and events trustworthy. This project was particularly fun because it was an opportunity to work with technologies like Redis and Scala, which I hadn’t worked a lot with before.


Howie Benefiel

Sr. Software Engineer Capture Team Location: Austin, Texas Time at Heap: Almost 2 years

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What does your team work on?

The capture team is responsible for developing the SDKs which bring data into Heap. Capture is super interesting because we have to do some pretty complex work in arbitrary applications safely. It’s definitely not your normal “shuffle this data between a UI and a database” kind of work. If you’re more of a “answer questions on Stack Overflow” than a “copy answers from Stack Overflow” person, Capture is the team for you.

What brought you to Heap?

At my previous employer, adding and changing product analytics code was by far the most tedious part of my job. When I learned what Heap did, my first thought was, “Wow this is really cool!” Followed by, “I can’t believe I’ve wasted weeks of my life adding tracking code.” Even with existential dread setting in, it was clear that I needed to be part of solving a real problem that I personally have experienced.

What has surprised you about working at Heap?

I was surprised at how much leeway I had to just go out and change things that I thought were bad. A month into my time at Heap, I was talking to my manager and, as an off-hand remark, suggested that the existing customer rollout procedure for heap.js was kind of funky. My manager agreed, and a week later, the change to the rollout procedure was implemented and we were using it.

What have you gained from your time at Heap?

  1. An understanding of how large-scale data systems work (and don’t).
  2. A very intimate (borderline too intimate) understanding of how browsers work.
  3. How to write technical documents in a way that’s appropriate for a given audience.

But the most important thing I’ve learned is what it looks like when a bunch of welcoming, warm-hearted, wickedly smart people do incredible work together.


Lillian Primrose

Sr. Software Engineer Web Team Location: New York City, NY Time at Heap: 10 months

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What brought you to Heap, and what made you stay?

The #1 thing I care about is the people I get to work with. Heap is a place that cares a lot about its people and culture. I’ve stayed at Heap because my team is incredible! It’s full of driven people who are extremely kind, like to learn, and are not afraid to speak their minds.

What’s unique about working at Heap?

Heap trusts its engineers a lot to make good decisions and to do meaningful work. I’ve had a lot more freedom at Heap to pursue work I think is valuable in the way that I think is most effective. There’s a lot of trust here and the results come through in the great work we’re able to do.

What does your team work on?

We work to make the Heap web application easier for our customers to manage reports and event definitions and share insights. We are currently revamping how filters work on dashboards to help customers pick out the information relevant to them.

What’s been one of your favorite projects at Heap?

I really liked working on the naming conventions tool that we shipped which allows admins to create a list of predefined prefixes to be put on event names. This keeps names consistent and helps reduce account entropy.

Dan Loewenherz

Dan Loewenherz

Sr. Software Engineer Capture Team Location: Austin, Texas Time at Heap: 1 year

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Why did you want to work at Heap?

The people, no question at all. Everyone here is smart, kind, and hard-working. It’s very hard to find that combination anywhere else. Heap is also a perfectly sized company — small enough to have an outsized impact on engineering direction, but mature enough to provide best-in-industry perks, compensation, and equity.

What’s your team like?

I’m on the Capture Team, and I love it! Our team’s focus is Heap’s data collection infrastructure and autocapture SDKs — so we have exposure to a lot of different tech. Because of our scale, we face interesting problems that require us to dig deep and think outside the box. The work itself aside, we have a great dynamic and have lots of fun together…but our Among Us face-offs can get quite heated.

What was Heap’s interview process like?

I dare say that it was enjoyable! The process ran very smoothly and left a very positive impression on me. My onsite felt more like a collaborative working session than an interview. I worked with two engineers to add new features to an existing web application. It allowed me to showcase problem solving abilities, communication skills, and code quality. Other companies had me solving brain teasers and dynamic programming problems—interesting, maybe, but not always the best signal for engineering ability.

What’s been one of your favorite projects?

A few times a year, our engineering team gets a week to work on anything we want to. We call this ship week, and last year I spent one with a small team to deliver an internal API that would streamline a cumbersome, multistep process for our solutions engineering team. Not only did we succeed in our goal in completing a complicated project in under a week, but the project lives on and is now a core tool used throughout the company. I love that engineers at Heap have opportunity and freedom to ship code without red tape.

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