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May's New Features: Faster Syncs, Fresher Data

In this month’s release, we’re highlighting the integrations and features that we’ve made faster, better, sleeker, and stronger. From expanding our Iterable Connector to a bi-directional integration, to increasing the speed with which we sync product data to your data warehouse, we’re excited to share what’s new from Heap!

Data in, data out: that’s what it’s all about

Last month we announced that we partnered with Iterable to help marketing and product teams more effectively target customers at each step of their journey. With the Iterable Connector, you can easily group customers based on their behavior in your product, then use those segments to tailor your communication with customers across channels.

Here’s how it works.

Now we’re closing the loop on our Iterable integration with a new Iterable source. Heap + Iterable customers are now able to measure the direct impact of their campaigns on customer behavior — all in Heap! See how targeting behavioral-based segments with personalized messages drives higher activation rates, increased revenue, and reduced churn.

Iterable Source

Keeping your datasets fresher than ever

Speed up the frequency

Heap Connect now supports syncs every four hours for Redshift and every two hours for Snowflake/s3/BigQuery. By increasing the data warehouse sync frequency for certain events, data architects can ensure that your dashboards have up-to-date product insights around the clock.

Increased sync frequencies are available to Heap customers in our Premier tier. Reach out to your CSM if you are interested in upgrading.

Customize your sync schedule

Now you can also choose the anchor time at which you’d like to schedule your Heap Connect syncs. Together, the anchor time and sync frequency create the sync schedule. For example, if you set your anchor time to 4:00 p.m. PST on a daily frequency, your Heap data will start syncing every day at that time.

Customizing Heap sync schedule with your data warehouse

Upgraded Mobile SDK performance

We boosted our mobile SDK performance across the board (iOS, Android, and React Native) with the latest versions of our SDKs: iOS v7.5.0, Android v1.9.1, and React Native v0.15.0.

On React Native we also fixed some issues related to the hierarchy being truncated, and made defining events easier on iOS by limiting autocaptured events to React Native ones. What all this means for you: capturing events on mobile is now easier than ever.

Support is right by your side

We’ve added a support page to our Heap app! Now you can check on Heap’s status, access documentation and Heap University content, and contact us for help with any question — all in one place.

In-app support page

That’s it for May

If you’ve missed seeing the new stuff we’ve been releasing each month, you can catch up here. And be sure to keep an eye out for next month’s release (it’s gonna be BIG)!

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