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Partnering With Iterable to Deliver the Right Messages at the Right Time


We’ve partnered with Iterable to enable brands to deliver personalized and engaging marketing experiences without developer overhead. With Heap and Iterable, marketers and product teams can seamlessly deliver the right message, at the right time, and through the right channel to drive engagement, boost conversion, and re-engage customers.

Edging out the competition

It’s never been more important to personalize your interactions with customers. According to a recent Gartner survey, “growing competition and consumer power have eroded traditional product-based advantages” forcing marketing leaders “to create exceptional branded moments at every customer touchpoint.” The best marketers are constantly on the lookout for an edge that will help keep their brand top of mind for customers and engage them for the long run.

We are proud to partner with Iterable, a cross-channel marketing platform, to provide marketers with that edge, a way to target and engage users with personalized experiences throughout their customer journey. Here’s how it works.

Introducing the Iterable Connector

With the new Heap-Iterable integration, digital marketers can now easily incorporate granular user behavioral data in their campaigns — without any extra engineering!

Heap delivers instant access to high quality, trusted behavioral data, along with the tools that help you group customers based on how they interact with your product. With the Iterable Connector, you can send the behavioral segments you create in Heap, to Iterable for targeting. Iterable stores these users in Lists, which you can use to precisely target campaigns across channels, including email, push notifications, SMS, and social media, engaging users throughout the customer lifecycle.

Need to programmatically re-engage with a set of users who did not complete a registration flow? Quickly identify these users in Heap and pass this cohort through to Iterable for re-engagement.

What this means for you:

1. Increased conversion with personalized trial experiences

Whether you are a B2C software company or a subscription business, guiding customers through your trial experience is paramount. Without a successful free-to-paid conversion funnel, you will be leaving dollars on the table and eating the costs to acquire the customers in the first place.

With Heap and Iterable, you can easily identify friction in your conversion funnel and deliver messages to engage with customers at every step of the journey. Notice a set of users dropping off on day five of a trial? Create a segment in Heap and seamlessly deliver personalized emails with Iterable encouraging users in that segment to re-engage with your product.

2. Greater brand affinity & loyalty via targeted promotions

Underneath each “user profile” is a human. Humans expect to connect with the brands that they love in a way that feels unique to them. With Heap’s Iterable Connector, it’s easy to nurture relationships with customers through targeted promotions and tailored nurture campaigns.

Want to market a new feature or product only to your most loyal customers? In a handful of clicks, create a segment in Heap (this can be based on purchase history, other behaviors, or user attributes!) and send it to Iterable. Within minutes, you can target specific offers to your most beloved customers.

Partnering with Heap

With our joint solution, marketers can now connect more meaningfully with users throughout their customer journey. Whether you are engaging users across email, push, SMS, or social media, Heap and Iterable allow you to focus on creating marketing moments, not wrangling a web developer to write tracking code.

If this is something you’d like to explore via a personalized demo, please reach out to or connect with your Heap Customer Success Manager.

About Heap

Heap’s mission is to power business decisions with truth. We empower product teams to focus on what matters — building the best products — not wrestling with their analytics platform. Heap automatically collects and organizes customer behavioral data, allowing product managers to improve their products with maximum agility. Over 6,000 businesses use Heap to drive business impact by delivering better experiences and better products.

About Iterable

Iterable is a cross-channel platform that powers unified customer experiences and empowers marketers to create, optimize and measure every interaction taking place throughout the customer journey. With Iterable, brands create individualized marketing touchpoints that earn engagement, solidify trust and galvanize loyal consumer-brand relationships.