The New Standard In Product Analytics

The New Standard

Fuel product growth and team agility. Heap automatically captures web and mobile app behavioral data. Retroactively analyze behavioral data without writing code. 

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Measure What You Need, Without Compromise

Question To Answer

Heap was built for product teams that hold agility above all else.

Top-performing companies use product analytics to craft the best experience possible.

Shape The Future Of Your Product, Today

Make Smarter Decisions

Digital products are some of your most important customer touchpoints. Create the experience your users deserve. Companies of all sizes use Heap’s product analytics to work smarter, solve problems faster, and build better software.

Turn Product Data Into Answers

Autocapture every touchpoint in your web or mobile app with a single tag or our SDK. Learn everything you can about your users and deliver better product experiences.

Agility for Rapid Growth

Retroactive product analytics for faster iteration and go-to-market. Discover new opportunities in your product, and create experiences your users will love.

Prioritize Performance

Analyze flows, funnels, feature engagement, and retention cohorts. Increase retention, drive customer satisfaction, and improve business metrics.

How Splunk Uses Heap

Success Story

“Heap is the first place I go to start answering questions.”

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How it Works

How it Works

Start capturing data and analyzing in minutes

  1. Add Snippet
    Collection simplified: Start autocapturing data within 5 minutes
  2. Create Virtual Events
    Flexible event creation: Create new events on your autocaptured dataset
  3. Analyze in Heap
    Robust product analysis: Analyze your behavioral data and grow your product

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