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Heap for SaaS: real insights for real business results

The best SaaS companies in the world rely on behavioral insights to drive product strategy and execution.

Heap helps product, marketing, and customer success teams understand their users, prioritize their roadmap, and drive development cycles to accelerate growth.

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Deliver an unforgettable user experience

With Heap’s Digital Insights Platform, you can answer questions like:

  • What features are most used in my product?
  • What user behaviors indicate likelihood to convert from free to paid?
  • Which cohorts of users churn the fastest and how can I keep them longer?

“Within minutes of getting into Heap, we answered questions we had struggled to even approach with other analytics platforms.”


Mike Siegel, Senior Product Manager

Drive product-led growth through user acquisition, activation, engagement, retention, and expansion

Surface the opportunities that matter most, faster than the competition

Moving fast to innovate is the name of the game. But how do you know where to generate the biggest impact? How can you make the case for certain roadmap tradeoffs?

Heap Illuminate evaluates every journey every user has ever taken on your site or product to surface the hidden friction points and opportunities that have the greatest impact on your business. Our automated insights tell you where to look to find the most critical product improvements right away

"Without Heap, we wouldn’t have been able to understand this was even an issue, or understand the points of significant friction, let alone measure the details of the problem."


Alan Winters, VP of Product

Iterate and innovate like never before

Don’t let manual-tracking analytics solutions flatten your growth curve. With Autocapture, all your user data is collected from the moment you add the Heap snippet to your site.

And because we built governance tools directly into the platform, all of your data stays clean and trusted from the moment you define your events. The result: better data, smarter decisions, and more agile, data-driven product development.

“We love Heap because Autocapture combined with Heap Illuminate gives us every insight we need for agile experimentation.”


Jack Canning, Sr Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization


Learn how to activate the power of product-led growth

Integrations loved by SaaS teams everywhere

Heap automatically integrates user behavioral data with the customer engagement platforms you know and love, including AppCues, Chameleon, Stripe, Salesforce, Marketo, and Iterable, so you can immediately act on the insights you uncover.

You can also blend product data with other BI data using Heap’s managed ETL that automatically integrates with your data warehouse.

Heap Illuminate also scours this third-party data to ensure that the insights we uncover are based on the complete picture of your users’ journeys.

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