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Heap Product Salon

Continuous Discovery with Teresa Torres

Join us as we sit down with Teresa Torres to understand the what and why of continuous discovery and how you can implement her methods with your team

The first 100 registrants will enjoy a copy of Teresa's new book "Continuous Discovery Habits"

Become A Continuous Discovery Expert

It’s hard to create products and services that your customers actually want. It’s even harder to do it at scale.

Good news! You already have a strong core team in place. So how can you level up and deliver both the best product experience and business value?

Join Heap and acclaimed product discovery coach Teresa Torres (CarMax, Spotify, and Tesco) to learn the value of “continuous discovery,” how to apply this framework to your workflow, and how to weave these methodologies with analytics to create a best-in-class digital product experience for customers.

We’ll cover:

  • The “what” and “why” of continuous product discovery
  • How continuous discovery helps teams find feature-focused solutions to user needs, business needs and technical capabilities
  • How to apply continuous discovery to your workflow, creating products that users love and that drive big business value

The first 100 registrants to the session will receive a copy of Teresa’s new book “Continuous Discovery Habits.”