Don't roll the dice on user insights.

Heap for Ecommerce

It’s time to place your bets on your eCommerce site. Are you stacking the deck in your favor?

eCommerce companies like Chubbies, Huel, and Amway are using Heap’s digital insights platform to illuminate hidden opportunities that stay invisible with other tools. Getting complete insights and delighting your customers is faster and easier than you think. It’s time to up the ante with real insights.

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    Book with title "Top 12 eCommerce Metrics"

    12 Essential Metrics to Benchmark and Boost Conversion

    eComm shouldn’t be a gamble! Knowing how and what metrics to track is what lets you beat the odds. This ebook and checklist will walk you through the key metrics you should be following, and help you orient your team around the optimizations that drive real conversions.

    Using data correctly is the best way to give yourself an advantage at the table. This eComm guide can show you how.

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    eCommerce Buyer’s Guide to Digital Insights

    Read about the 10 key considerations to make when selecting the right insights platform for your business.

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    There are always unknowns that you don’t realize you’ll wish you had been capturing, and with Heap our analysts can now easily define and measure them retroactively while our engineers get back to building better digital products.


    Brandon Walsh

    Customer & Product Analytics Manager

    Grow Faster with Heap + Shopify

    Heap and Shopify are the power couple of the season!

    Sell with Shopify. Convert with Heap.

    Heap enables you to precisely segment your audience and tailor your campaigns based on a granular understanding of your shoppers’ behaviors, and adding Shopify helps you maximize your return on marketing spend by more effectively targeting the shoppers with the highest AOV and LTV. Check it out!Ready to see the power of Heap + Shopify in action?

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    eCommerce Activation Kit

    The One-Stop Shop for eComm Metrics

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    • Acquire

      Acquiring new users is costly. For marketers, CPL is top of mind. Learn how to measure baseline acquisition performance.

      Aquire Users

    • Optimize

      Understand where your shoppers are dropping due to unknown friction points and optimize for better experiences and conversion.

      Optimize Experience

    • Engage

      How much are your customers engaging with your product, or are they? Learn which metrics matter most for eCommerce.

      Engagement Metrics

    • Retain

      Learn what your buyers love, prioritize meaningful trends, and keep them coming back for more. Identify metrics to convert.

      Understand Demand


    With insight coming from Heap we adapted our product merchandising strategy — and in some markets, we have achieved over 30% increase in new customer conversions! Gaining a fraction of that detail of information would have taken hours, if not days of work in Google Analytics.

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    Mario Tarantino

    Senior eCommerce Manager

    Ready, Set, Sell.

    Check out these resources to help you prepare for the next big buying season.

    • The eCommerce Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

      Learn the 7 steps to optimization by pinpointing exactly what drives dropping and conversion.

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    • Iterating with Agility Webinar for eCommerce

      Hear from AB Tasty Leaders about how they used Heap to increase revenue and brand loyalty.

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    • Increase Conversion with Heap and Shopify

      The Heap and Shopify Integration provides immediate insight into online shopper behavior.

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