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Product Therapy

Whether you’re new to the product org or a seasoned product manager, you’ve probably experienced the pain of messy analytics and the horror that bad data brings. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Our product experts can relate to all the highs and the lows and are here to share new solutions to the product problems that you’re facing.


Product therapy: we all need it

Don’t let horror stories like these continue to haunt your product roadmap. Join Heap’s Head of Product, Rachel Obstler, as she meets with other product experts to discuss the pain and practice of data and to share solutions and new opportunities for improving the product experience.


In the latest episode of Product Therapy: We all need it!, we're joined by Rich Mironov, founder of Product Camp. Join our conversation as we discuss how to manage a HIPPO (Highest Paid Person's Opinion), as well as strategies for practicing empathy and communicating effectively with leadership.

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