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We were able to increase adoption of templates by 20% by making the feature more discoverable and making tweaks. Heap data was at the core of this.

Gireesh Subramanian
Director of Product Management , Freshworks

how heap works

How Heap works

Heap is easy to install – a single snippet. All customer data is automatically collected. Combine data with our scientific method for product and you can produce insights immediately.

  • Add snippet: Heap starts collecting behavioral data immediately. No need to specify what to track in advance. Past behavioral data is always available to you.
  • Organize data: Use virtual events to organize data in an optimal way
  • Turn data into insights: Hypothesize, experiment, and explore your data. Iterate endlessly and evaluate the effects. Always be improving.
  • Produce a superlative product: It’s that easy!

Create delight

Increase Conversion and Retention

Quickly bring users to the moments of value. Iterate to ensure your product stays valuable.

Remove Data Bottlenecks

Heap removes engineering overhead. Your team can spend its time making decisions and improving your product, not worrying about collecting the right data.

Make Decisions With Rigor

Getting started is easy

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