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Heap Illuminate

Heap Illuminate is a market-changing set of features that proactively surfaces hidden opportunities in your digital experience.

As you perform queries, Heap analyzes digital user behavior in the background, evaluating conversion paths of every visitor to identify the most important points of friction and opportunity.

With Heap Illuminate, teams gain the benefit of a complete and trusted behavioral dataset, leveraged by an integrated data science layer, and the fastest speed to insight on the market.

Proactive Insights next steps

Do Less, Know More

Pinpoint hidden friction points and opportunities

Avoid poor investment decisions

Eliminate confirmation bias

Quickly understand the optimal next action

Next step - step suggestions

Step Suggestions

Heap surfaces recommended steps to add to your funnel, automatically suggesting events that exhibit significant dropoff but which aren’t currently tracked in your funnel.

Group Suggestions

Heap sifts through your user data and automatically identifies and suggests user groups with differing conversion rates, such as device type or marketing source.

Group Suggestions
Effort analysis

Effort Analysis

Effort Analysis provides the first-ever quantitative measurement of friction users face in any given flow by combining volume of interactions at each step, time spent on each step, and average number of site visits it takes to complete the flow.

Pageview Suggestions

Heap analyzes aggregate user behavior on your site and surfaces the most commonly viewed pageview types, ensuring that you examine your data with the right level of granularity.

Pageview suggestions

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"We used Effort Analysis to evaluate the users’ time engaged during analysis of an Express Checkout feature implementation, to estimate reduction in time required for order placement. Heap showed us where users are confused between steps. Thanks to this analysis, I hid some unnecessary customizations from the flow, which increased our overall conversion by 15% in 2 weeks."

Jennifer Thornberg
Product Owner at Updater


Digital Experience Insights Report

50% of all funnel steps include more than 5 actions, which cuts their conversion rates in half

We analyzed thousands of funnels to find out what teams can see about their user flows, and what insights remain invisible to them.

Find out what crucial insights might be currently hidden from you.