Heap Connect: bring user data into your warehouse

Heap Connect

With managed ETL that automatically integrates with Redshift, BigQuery, or Snowflake, Heap Connect is the smart and easy way to enable downstream analysis on your user data.

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Centralize your data sources


Heap Connect lets you blend product data with other BI data, with minimal engineering requirements.

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Focus on Insights, Not Pipelines

Managed ETL

Less time munging, more time analyzing

less munging

Heap Connect automatically models behavioral data in a user-centric schema, resolves identities across devices and platforms, and sessionizes in-product behavior. 

The result? Your data team can spend less time munging data and more time generating insights.

Modernize your architecture

With a flip of a switch, you always have the data you need in your warehouse. Backed by an autocaptured dataset and Virtual Events, Heap Connect automatically syncs all behavioral data to your warehouse – even retroactively.

Improve business intelligence

Use Heap Connect to power your reporting with a complete set of behavioral data in Looker, Tableau, and more. Incorporate key product metrics into executive dashboarding to enable the best possible decisions.

Put product data to work

Easily combine Heap data with other sources to build an integrated view of your users, without excessive engineering overhead.

Getting started is easy!

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