Curious about your users’ behavior?


Heap provides the easiest and most comprehensive way to automatically capture the user interactions on your site, from the moment of installation forward. A single snippet grabs every click, swipe, tap, pageview, and fill — forever.

There’s no need to rely on manual tracking. No need to choose what to measure. No need to wrangle engineers to write code.


How it works

Data can be a godsend for your business. But only if it’s easy to gather and analyze. That’s why Heap invented a better way — a much easier way — to capture your customer data.

Autocapture vs. Manual Tracking: the fight of the century! (And can you have both?)

How does Autocapture fare when pitted against Explicit Tracking (i.e. Manual Tracking)? Over eight action-packed rounds, these two approaches duke it out over surfacing insights, taking action, coping with change, and more.

Heap vs. Manual Tracking

With other tools, answering your questions can take months. With Heap, a single snippet collects all behavioral data immediately.

Manual tracking takes far too many steps to get from question to answer. With autocapture, once you install the snippet, you can ask endless questions and get answers immediately

Heap vs. other tools

HeapOther tools
Track everything, all the timeDecide in advance what to track
No need for engineersConvince engineers to write tracking code
Answer questions immediately, using historical dataWait for data to come in
Analyze everythingAnalyze only what you’ve tracked
Answer every question you haveUnexpected question? Too bad
Explore your data and uncover new insightsData for reporting, not for exploration

track(‘event’) is over

For years, analytics vendors required track(‘event’) codes for each interaction. Autocapture eliminates this requirement. Free your product team from having to rely on engineers, and your engineers from having to do boring work.

Learn everything

Autocapture lets you learn everything about your customers. Who they are. What they do on your site. What actions correlate with conversion and retention.

Change how you work

Autocapture changes the way you work. Run endless experiments. Iterate quickly. Use data to inform decisions. The data is always there!

Answer every question, every time

The true advantage of Autocapture is never having to say “I don’t know.”

Want to know everything about your users? How people behave in your product? How different groups use your features? What user segments matter? Whatever your question, Autocapture ensures you can answer it using reliable data.

Getting started is easy

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