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Augment user data with flexible APIs and gain a complete view of your customer journey.

Our APIs



A full picture of user behavior

Tie backend data to front-end experience

Customer interactions don’t just happen on your site. Call center conversations, in-store purchases, interactions with your sales team: with Heap’s APIs, you can make sure this data gets connected to the behaviors you’re tracking on your site or app.

Stay compliant


For eCommerce and retail companies:

Offline or in-store purchase events, customer lifetime value metrics, shopping preferences, location, gender, and more.

For SaaS companies:

Offline interactions like conversations with sales reps, as well as user properties like job title, department, and location.

For Financial Services companies:

Call center interactions and offline events like “loan approved,” as well as user properties like account type or loan amount.

For all companies:

Robust information about user properties, so that you can understand who your users are and what they do.

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