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Featured Integrations

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Heap + Iterable

Heap’s bi-directional integration with Iterable helps marketers boost campaign conversion rates, making it easy to use customer behavior to personalize cross-channel messaging. Then you can import Iterable engagement data into Heap and blend it with other data sources to measure the impact of these campaigns on key business metrics, like trial conversion and purchases.


Heap + Salesforce

Heap’s two-way integration with Salesforce makes it easy for your sales and customer success teams to see which accounts are using your product and how, so they can prioritize the accounts that need the most attention. Send Salesforce data back into Heap to enrich user and account information, powering account health analysis and dashboards.


Heap + Marketo

With the Marketo Connector, you can group users based on how they interact with your digital experience, then use those segments to focus your Marketo campaigns and enrich your lead scoring. By combining email data with behavioral data, you can directly see how your marketing campaign influences the ways in which customers interact with your website or app.

Heap + Intercom

With Heap’s Intercom Connector, you can personalize your digital experience by using behavioral data to tailor customer communication across channels. Since this integration is bi-directional, you can directly measure the real impact of personalized emails and in-app messages on customer behavior.


"In most tools, it’s very difficult to create a custom metric, let alone integrate into other systems, such as Salesforce. With Heap, we’re helping everyone in the company identify and measure when the user actually gained value from the platform versus simply using it."

Jean McCabe
Director of Product

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