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Analyze User Paths in Your Product

The only path analysis product that uses autocaptured data. Understand the flows users take in your product or website, and identify where to deliver better products and experiences.

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Introducing Paths

Hear from Vijay Umapathy, a Product Manager at Heap, on why the combination of Autocapture and Paths is so powerful.

Explore Your Product

Understand the flows that your users take. Paths can inform specific areas to explore deeper or other reports to build within Heap. You can answer questions like:

  • How do users move through my app?
  • What steps do users take leading up to an upgrade, or other conversion event?
  • Where do users drop off?
An Autocaptured and Retroactive Dataset

Legacy tools only display the paths for events or pageviews that you've already written tracking code for upfront. The dataset in Heap is complete and retroactive, which means you can create new virtual events on the fly to add to your path analysis. You can even change the way paths are visualized based on your preferences.

  • Access event data retroactively for all new virtual events created
  • Goal and Start events can be added on the fly
  • Iterate on your analysis: create customized groupings of paths, which leads to a more flexible and digestible visualization
Flexibly Build Paths to Reflect Your Product Experience

See the most common ways that users get to- or from- an event. Set a goal behavior and see entry or exit from that behavior.

  • Entry paths: What steps do users take leading up to some goal action (such as contacting support, upgrading their account, or making a purchase)?
  • Exit paths: What steps do users take after some action (such as logging in, signing up, or viewing the homepage)?
  • Exclude events for faster analysis
  • Group together similar event types in Heap's virtualization layer for easier analysis
Increase Retention and Fight Churn

Empower your product team to be more proactive in producing better, more competitive products and customer experiences.

  • Prioritize the most important product and customer experience improvements
  • Identify moments of friction with the most accurate reflection of user paths
  • See the behaviors and features that lead to conversion

Companies like Thinx and Health-E Commerce use Paths to build better products

Learn why Heap's autocaptured data and secure platform delivers unparalleled product analytics.

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