A Heap Series

Guides for Making Decisions With Data

Whether you’re starting from ground zero or just looking to improve your processes, our guides - with worksheets! - are built to deliver granular, actionable guidance for using data to build better digital experiences.

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    Data Maturity Drives 2.5x Increase in Business Outcomes

    IDC Research surveyed 600+ digital experience teams to find out how data maturity correlated to business success. See what they found and how your company fits in.

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    Step-by-step guides to becoming data-driven

    A Heap series designed to take teams from 0 -> 1. Interested in bringing data into your decisions? Start here.

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      Product Management Templates

      A series of worksheets that take you through the product development process, from framing the problem to reviewing your experiments.

      Other resources for being data-driven

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