The Heap Data Engine

Data Engine

The Heap Data Engine is a suite of tools that ensure product data stays trustworthy, scalable, and easily usable by everyone in the org.

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What is The Heap Data Engine?

What is data engine?

The Heap Data Engine introduces modern workflows for constructing, organizing, and maintaining your dataset – all in one place.

The crucial step after collecting raw data, the Data Engine gives you the technology and processes you need to make your data maximally usable.

  • Construct your dataset with maximum agility 
  • Organize your data 
  • Scale access to data with collaborative workflows 
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Construct your dataset with maximum agility

Event Visualizer

Heap’s Autocaptured dataset is easily accessible via the Event Visualizer on web and mobile.

The Event Visualizer gives you a point-and-click UI to make it easy to locate events, apply labels, and organize behavioral data in whatever way you need. Rapidly pivot from question to question, without limitation and without dependencies.

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Organize your data

Data Dictionary

The cleaner the dataset, the more usable. Heap’s Data Dictionary keeps your data clean, up-to-date, and consistent across your company, maximizing your team’s ability to generate insights.

Finally, a data experience that sparks joy!

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Scale access with collaborative workflows


Most analytics tools push teams into silos. Not Heap. Custom permissions, event repair, and unified views keep everyone on the same page, future-proofing your dataset and democratizing access to everyone in the org.

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Northwestern Mutual

I trust the data in Heap because the data is tracked, verified, and analyzed in one place. There is no black box or manual step in between.

Josef Pfeiffer
VP Product , Northwestern Mutual

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