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ThirdLove is a fast-growing e-commerce brand founded with a mission to create a better bra for all women. Founded in 2013, the company has combined innovative design and patented technology to create bras that “fit real women.” ThirdLove’s Fit Finder quiz enables women to find comfortable bras in the perfect size without the hassle of dressing rooms.

As a leading digital brand, ThirdLove’s success has been fueled by applying a data-driven strategy to create a better product and customer experience. By enabling ThirdLove’s analytics function, Heap empowers ThirdLove to ask more questions, get deeper insights, and iterate quickly in order to deliver the optimal customer experience. We spoke to Amanda Rosenberg, Head of Marketing Analytics, and Sunil Kumar, Head of Data Engineering, about their experience using Heap.

Before Heap

When Amanda and Sunil first joined ThirdLove as the company’s first data hires, the product team was using Google Analytics, but data access and usage was limited. As the owners of ThirdLove’s analytics initiatives, their goal was to enrich their data so teams could answer tough questions in addition to the basic website tracking and conversion rate monitoring.

To do so, Amanda and Sunil decided they would have to explore new tools. Answering ad-hoc questions quickly and making the data accessible across the company just wasn’t possible with the prior tool. “Before Heap, our website data was clunky and fragmented. We were blocked and no one knew how to get the data they needed.” Both Amanda and Sunil used Omniture by Adobe in prior roles. Their decision to use Heap was largely influenced by the ease of integration, the completeness of the data collected and Heap’s virtual schema.

"Implementing Heap was seamless. Other tools that I’ve used take more work and require a dedicated team, which takes resources away from other crucial projects."

According to Sunil, the difficulty in accessing the data and the engineering maintenance required with other tools meant that Thirdlove saved 15-20% of engineering time by choosing Heap.

Driving Conversion Rate and A/B testing with Heap

Once Heap was implemented and Amanda had access to the data, she started to move the needle by testing different flows and features. “One thing that really struck me when I joined was the velocity around A/B testing. It was like ‘Okay, this test lost.’ And that was it. You couldn’t really understand what happened.” says Amanda. “Using Heap on the A/B testing front has been one of biggest wins for us – in just being able to test frequently and tell the story.“

One of ThirdLove’s main acquisition channels is the FitFinder quiz that helps women determine the best size and style of bra for their unique body shape and size. Understanding user behavior and how to improve the experience is a major priority for everyone at ThirdLove. Many of ThirdLove’s key tests involve iterating on this flow and Heap drives key insights which help decide what to test and then allow for easy analysis. Heap insights paired with testing helped increase ThirdLove’s FitFinder completion rate by more than 6% in just a few months.

"Flexibility and the ability to quickly create ad-hoc funnels is key for us. Since the funnels are so simple to use, analyzing test experiences is painless. In addition, team members across departments are comfortable enough to make their own funnels rather than coming to me."

In one instance, they tested the ideal format to display products in the FitFinder quiz. Amanda noticed friction between purchasing behavior and interaction with the featured products. With Heap, she found an interesting nuance in user behavior – despite lower click through rates in the variation, once people clicked, they were more likely to purchase.

"We wouldn’t have been able to understand the story behind the conversion rate if we couldn’t see the elements behind it and how people behaved. Heap helped us understand the results and we have since iterated to find a new winning version."

Optimizing the Mobile Experience

ThirdLove’s digital strategy also includes optimizing the mobile experience. With Heap, it is simple to compare how browsing behavior differs across devices and also understand how a user’s experience changes across platforms.

Understanding a user’s journey led Amanda to discover that device-switching was not happening as often as previously thought and that there were a high volume of first purchases occurring on mobile. This paved the way for a renewed focus on the mobile experience both on site and through marketing. Using Heap, they optimized their mobile design and saw a significant increase in customers adding products to cart and a 50% increase in mobile conversion.

Creating a Holistic View of the Business

Heap Connect has enabled a more complete dataset, greater data access, and engineering time-savings. With their database now built out, ThirdLove’s data team leverages Heap Connect to connect its Heap data with other data sources, including historical sales and fulfillment center data. By piping their Heap data into the database alongside these sources, ThirdLove is able to get a more holistic view of its users. This data is then connected in Looker, where key metrics are shared across the organization. Having access to all of this centralized data has made it a lot easier for people across the company to access and analyze data without any bottlenecks. Between consuming data in Looker, running queries directly against the database, or doing ad-hoc analyses in the Heap UI, Heap has provided easy access to data to ThirdLove’s entire team.

Building a Data Mindset: “Access to Data was Key”

As a high-growth and fast-moving company, ThirdLove can now iterate quickly since they have easy data access for faster analysis. Sunil and Amanda agree that “Access to data was key. Heap has become the link between data that has historically lived in different silos and has enabled us to do more.”

Heap has enabled the organization to achieve their data goals. More teams have access to data and it doesn’t require a large team to maintain. The product team uses Heap when new features are launched and to understand things like the impact of speed changes on conversion. The marketing team uses Heap to help understand traffic volume by source and customer behavior with new landing page designs. The ThirdLove team continues to get more complex with the types of analysis they are able to do.

"Since implementing Heap we no longer have to worry about tracking and feasibility, but instead can focus on which analysis we can complete next. The more sophisticated our data needs get, the more powerful Heap gets."