COVID stories

COVID Customer Stories

How Heap customers are using analytics to adapt to a changing reality

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COVID-19 has impacted businesses across every industry. Many have had to fundamentally change the way they operate. Some are facing unprecedented — and unexpected — demand. Others have had to close completely.

We asked Heap customers to share in their own words how their companies have been impacted by the coronavirus and how they’re navigating through the current pandemic. We hope the information in here will be useful for businesses in all industries who are working to adjust their operations during this period of exceptional unpredictability.

In our COVID-19 Customer Stories eBook, you’ll learn how:

  • Heap customers are using analytics to rapidly pivot operations
  • Companies are using Heap to help underserved populations, provide comfort to those in need, and give back to their global communities
  • Customer data is helping businesses adjust their value propositions, better meet demand, and prepare for a post-COVID world

Plus, you’ll read out how companies such as Purple, Junction Education, CareMessage, Lasso, Map My Customers, and Gem are using data analytics to understand behavioral patterns, discover new product insights, and give back to their customers and communities during these challenging times.

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