Resources for companies dealing with COVID-19

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 is rapidly changing the business world. We’ve put together these resources to help.

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll find useful, actionable knowledge. Download our Top 10 Product Questions for periods of rapid change eBook, read our COVID Customer Stories, attend or download our COVID-focused webinars.

See how analytics is helping companies navigate this period and come out stronger.

Over 6,000 companies use product analytics to quickly manage change

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Ebook: Top 10 product questions to ask during COVID

Top 10 Product Questions

As COVID-19 transforms the business world, product companies face a dizzying host of decisions. This eBook is here to help.

In it, we provide the Top 10 questions product organizations can ask to make sure they’re pivoting quickly, adapting their businesses to new circumstances, and using data to make the right decisions.

Download “Top 10 Product Questions” eBook

eCommerce Online Panel with EU customers

EU eCommerce panel

Hear how Heap’s eCommerce customers in Europe – Tails and Bloom & Wild – are charting their course through COVID-19.

Watch on-demand now.

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COVID Customer Stories eBook

COVID stories

We asked Heap customers to share in their own words how their companies have been impacted by the coronavirus and how they’re navigating through the current pandemic.

Here are their stories. See how ten different companies are using analytics to shift their businesses in this unprecedented period.

Download COVID customer stories

Customer Story

Purple gives comfort to those in need

To help with COVID-19, mattress company Purple designed a specialty bed, and is using 10% of net proceeds to relieve bed shortages in care facilities nationwide.

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Online panel on navigating unpredictability

Online panel

Hear how Heap eCommerce customers Misfits MarketAlo Yoga, and Helix Sleep are charting their course through COVID-19.

In this online panel, Heap customers will describe how analytics is helping them chart a safe course through this period of unpredictability.

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How to convert users into paying customers In a pandemic

On-demand Webinar

Learn and build a framework for getting your onboarding strategy right and primed for growth.

Wes Bush, author of Product-Led Growth, will walk you through a battle-tested onboarding framework that will help you create onboarding experiences that convert without resorting to short-term, salesy tactics.

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Customer Story

CareMessage helps underserved populations during COVID-19

CareMessage manages the largest patient engagement platform for underserved patients in the U.S. Its platform helps health providers use text messaging to send healthcare information to patients. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, usage has skyrocketed.

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