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The following is an excerpt from the COVID Customer Stories eBook. In it, we asked Heap customers to share how their companies have been impacted by the coronavirus. Jared Verteramo, President at Lasso Gear, shares how his company is navigating the current pandemic.

Not all superheros wear capes, but LA-based apparel company Lasso Gear believes every hero wears socks. (Compression socks, to be exact.)

When Lasso Gear first launched its compression apparel business, doctors and nurses were among the first to become part of its loyal customer base. It’s easy to see why: Lasso’s first-of-its kind joint stabilization compression socks provide much-needed ankle support to enable you to move with confidence. It also helps reduce the pain and inflammation that comes from working on your feet all day long. 

“Healthcare professionals are now on the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak, and at Lasso we saw an opportunity to give back to the customers who had been with us from the very beginning. We launched #movewithcompassion, a COVID-relief campaign that donates joint-support compression socks to doctors and nurses working around the clock to battle the global pandemic. 

To support the campaign and broaden our pool of recipients, we look to product analytics for insights. We’ve been using Heap to target customers who are more likely to participate in the campaign, as well as identify doctors and nurses who have been past customers to identify which hospitals to send socks to. 

Heap has helped us reduce three- to four-hour long analytics tasks down to a single one-hour review. This has not only helped us save money by eliminating other tools out of our tech stack, but it also helps us operate with more agility and act on business insights faster.”

Top metric they’re watching during COVID-19:

“The metric we care about most in the context of COVID-19 is our campaign return on ad spend (ROAS). We use cross-device attribution, funnels, and dashboards within Heap to quickly understand how well our campaign is doing — beyond what we can see on a particular platform.” 

How they’re using Heap:

“Heap’s cross-device attribution feature not only helps us save time, but it also helps us make marketing decisions so that we too can move with confidence!”

Learn more about Lasso’s #movewithcompassion campaign here.