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CareMessage helps underserved populations improve health outcomes during COVID-19

The following is an excerpt from the COVID Customer Stories eBook. In it, we asked Heap customers to share how their companies have been impacted by the coronavirus. Nina Parikh, Director of Product at CareMessage, shares how her company is navigating the current pandemic.

CareMessage is a non-profit health technology company with the largest patient engagement platform for underserved patients in the U.S. Its platform helps health providers use text messaging to send healthcare information to patients. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, its platform usage has skyrocketed.

“Before COVID-19, we were working with 200 healthcare organizations that serve over three million low-income patients at community health centers and free clinics. Since the virus outbreak, the utilization of our platform has skyrocketed. Since March 10th, we’ve seen a 700% increase in the utilization of our Outreach feature alone, and a 144% overall increase in communication between health clinics and patients. In March, providers and patients exchanged over seven million messages via CareMessage.

This is such a critical moment for health centers and we wanted to find more ways to support them. Since the outbreak, we’ve offered a free version of our product to free clinics and health centers to help them communicate quickly with their patient population on sensitive information.

Since the launch of our free product, CMLight, we’ve been closely monitoring our customer experience using Heap. We have seen app logins increase by 49% from February to March, and the total number of times users logged into the app increased by 40% during the same time period. In addition, we saw our retention rate of users on our application increase by 318%.

Heap has allowed us to quantitatively measure these increases and monitor our customer experience on the app. Many of our users typically work with an integration and don’t see our UI, so it’s been extremely insightful to see how customers who previously did not have experience with our app are now using our UI.

Our findings from Heap have helped inform how we plan to continue supporting customers in our free version of CareMessage and the improvements we can make to their user experience to ensure they continue to feel supported during this crisis. We are very thankful to have Heap during this time and its team for supporting us in our mission to help underserved patient populations achieve better health outcomes.”

Top metric they’re watching during COVID-19:

“During COVID, we care most about the number of unique app logins (which increased 49% from Feb to March) and total number of times users logged into the app (increased 40% Feb to March). We’re also watching retention rates of our app, which increased by 318% from Feb to March.”

How they use Heap:

“The ability to monitor the user experience for our customers without an integration has been essential in helping us understand the activity we’ve seen since COVID. We’ve built dashboards and reports that help us understand user retention and the percent of customers who are logging in and how frequently. This data helps us formulate a more effective communication strategy for engaging with our customers.”

To learn more about how CareMessage helps underserved patient populations get better health outcomes, visit their website here:

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