Ten Remarkable Strategies for Improving Conversion

Ten Remarkable Strategies for Improving Conversion

A guide for product and eCommerce

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is both science and art. But the best CRO teams blend these approaches, turning themselves into artists and scientists, Picasso and Einstein, all at once.

In this whitepaper, we lay out ten key strategies for improving conversion, including high-level tactics and granular, in-the-weeds analysis.

For conversion teams, it's crucial information.

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  • How to establish baseline conversion metrics
  • How conversion for SaaS and eCommerce differ
  • What tools help with different parts of CRO

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Heap enabled us to identify and eliminate friction in the customer experience. When Heap showed us, with specificity, how the fourth step in our funnel was broken, we were able to make meaningful improvements to our pre-pop experience. This resulted in a seven-figure lift in new issued principle annually

Matt Gomes
Senior Director of Marketing , Opploans