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Build a better product strategy: Why retention matters so much

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Product Retention

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While good Product Managers know how important customer acquisition is, great PMs know that long-term profit comes from retention. Harvard Business School, in fact, found that increasing customer retention by even 5% can increase profits by 25–95%. As Brian Balfour, Reforge founder and former VP of Growth at Hubspot puts it: “If your retention is poor then nothing else matters.”

In this webinar recording, Connie Yuan (Product Manager) and Christy Hollingshead (Director of Customer Education) take a deep dive into customer retention for SaaS businesses.

In particular, you will learn:

  • How developing products with retention in mind can pay huge dividends for your business
  • What strategies successful PMs use to improve their retention numbers
  • How PMs can put an analytics solution like Heap to work to diagnose and solve their retention issues

In addition, we will also demo Heap’s integration with Appcues, a platform for user onboarding and feature adoption, and show how PMs can put the combination to use to raise retention on a large scale.

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Connie Yuan

Connie Yuan

Product Manager,

Christy Hollingshead

Christy Hollingshead

Director of Customer Education,