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Live Webinar with Splunk/VictorOps

2020 vision: How to use hypotheses and data to drive clear product decisions

Learn how to apply a more scientific method to your product development process this year.

How to make data-driven decisions fast

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Not only do product teams need to understand their customers better than anyone else, but they need to be able to use that knowledge to build products that really hit the mark. Yet building the right features doesn’t just happen on a whim, and you need a process in place in order to make data-driven decisions.

Join Davis Godbout, Product Manager at Splunk, for an inside look at the scientific method his team uses throughout the entire product development process. From goal-setting to forming and measuring hypotheses, you’ll learn how his team uses data and analytics to effect change as efficiently as possible.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why modern product organizations need to adopt a hypothesis-driven mindset.
  • How to use data to effect change, measure results, and analyze outcomes throughout the user journey.
  • What a scientific method to product development looks like in action at Splunk—and exactly how they execute it.

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Your Presenters from Splunk/VictorOps and Heap

Davis Godbout

Davis Godbout

Product Manager,
Splunk / VictorOps

Abhi Puranam

Abhi Puranam

Product Marketing Manager,

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