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What vs Why: how to align your product and eng teams around data

Great PMs don’t just accept complexity, they push for simplicity.

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One of the biggest challenges product managers face when working with engineering is keeping everyone aligned on shared goals, strategies, and initiatives. Without data, planning often ends up being driven by the loudest voice in the room. Without data, teams focus on what to build instead of why to build. When you get to the why, you can celebrate impact instead of launch.

Watch this recording to hear from David Fullerton, VP of Engineering at Heap, as he discusses how to use data as a foundation to align product and engineering teams for better outcomes.

In this live webinar, you will learn:

  • How to set clear goals, strategy, and initiatives across product and engineering
  • Learn 3 processes to eliminate wasted effort and foster trust 
  • Document the impact of engineering work to the business

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Kevin Moyer

Director of Growth, Heap

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David Fullerton

VP of Engineering, Heap

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