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How customer analytics is helping businesses navigate through unpredictability

Hear how Heap eCommerce customers Misfits Market, Alo Yoga, and Helix Sleep are charting their course through COVID-19.

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While COVID-19 is forcing many companies to shift business models, the world of eCommerce has arguably been most impacted. Shifts in demand, changes in customer behavior, increased focus on the online experience: in the past few months, eCommerce companies have had to rapidly cope with all of these.

In this live online panel, Heap customers will describe how analytics is helping them chart a safe course through this period of unpredictability.

In this online panel, you’ll learn:

  • How Heap’s eCommerce customers are adapting to COVID-19, and how they’re setting themselves up for the post-COVID world
  • How customer analytics helps allocate marketing spend, track inventory, and create sticky online experiences
  • Strategies for steering your eCommerce business through periods of rapid change

Your Panel Participants


Ravi Parikh

Co-founder, Heap

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Kristian von Rickenbach

Co-founder, Helix Sleep

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Janet Kim

Director of Product, Misfits Market

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Mike Peart

Head of Product, Alo Yoga

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