Optimizing User Experience with A/B Testing and Behavioral Data

Learn how FSAstore.com uses Optimizely and Heap to constantly improve user experience

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As data becomes more accessible, product managers no longer have to rely on instinctual decision making. Today the best PMs approach questions and ideas as hypotheses and answer them with experiments and rapid iteration.

In this on-demand webinar, Rishabh Vig, Product Analyst at FSAstore.com will detail how his company uses Optimizely and Heap to constantly improve user experience. He will be joined by Optimizely’s Kelly Casanova and Heap’s own Director of Customer Education, Christy Hollingshead. The experts will share a number of techniques for leveraging behavioral data and A/B testing.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How using Optimizely and Heap together can help companies dramatically improve their user experience
  • Why understanding customer behavior is crucial for making the right product decisions
  • Key strategies for taking a hypothesis-driven approach to product management

Your Presenters from FSAStore.com, Optimizely, and Heap


Rishabh Vig

Product Analyst, FSAstore.com

Kelly Casanova

Customer Success Manager, Optimizely

Abhi Puranam

Product Marketing Manager, Heap