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Heap on Heap: How behavioral data drives Heap’s internal product decisions

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In this webinar, Heap’s product manager, Jon Natkins, will explain how Heap’s product team leverages behavioral data collected in Heap to make decisions about the features, design, and effectiveness of Heap’s mobile analytics solution.

In particular, he will cover:

  • How the product team analyzes Heap data to determine what product features drive user activation, engagement, and retention
  • How Heap’s autocapture process enables both high-level and granular decisions
  • What processes the team uses to maintain a data-driven approach to product development


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Heap’s Product Management team uses Heap data to inform decisions about which features to expand, which features to modify, and which features to eliminate.

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Jon Natkins

Jon Natkins

Senior Product Manager, Mobile,

Kevin Moyer

Kevin Moyer

Product Marketing Manager,