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The Need for Next Gen SaaS Analytics

According to McKinsey, if a software company grows at only 20%, it has a 92% chance of ceasing to exist within a few years. This means that software companies — particularly SaaS companies — must take every advantage possible to stay alive in a make-it-or-break-it industry. Customer data can empower that competitive edge. Whether it’s measuring retention, product usage, or onboarding, SaaS businesses must have better data collection and SaaS analytics across disparate areas of the organization.

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Why SaaS Companies Choose Heap

  • Acquire the Right Users

    Capture every touchpoint across the customer journey.

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    Understand which marketing campaigns work best, what drives users through your free trial and onboarding funnel, and what leads to long-term retention. Drill down into improvements or drops in user engagement analytics to uncover the pathway to creating more engaging experiences.

  • Build the Right Features

    Pinpoint problems in product engagement and adoption.

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    Understand how users adopt your product and navigate your site, so you can streamline your roadmap and power your business forward. Identify positive and negative experiences, then test ways to improve product adoption based on what works and what is missing.

  • Create Long-Term Customers

    Determine the actions that great customers take.

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    Focus your marketing, product, and account management strategies around driving good behavior. Understand what your customers want with retention analytics and what’s causing them to leave. Gain valuable feedback when it matters the most — as visitors are stuck, experiencing lag, or in need of support. Take action sooner by eliminating guesswork.

  • Codeless Tracking Icon
    Codeless Tracking

    Automatically capture every tap, click, swipe, field change, and pageview in your web or mobile app without writing a single line of code or filing a single ticket. Heap’s "capture everything" philosophy means that you'll always have a complete and retroactive dataset.

  • Customer Life Cycle Icon
    Customer Life Cycle

    From acquisition, to adoption, to retention, Heap has the data and the tools you need to improve every part of the customer’s journey. Ensure your customers discover and engage with everything you have to offer, and remove friction points throughout their experience.

  • Dynamic Cohorting Icon
    Dynamic Cohorting

    Understand how different cohorts of users experience your product. Create segments of users by filtering for their real time behavior and historical actions. Combine user activity with user attributes like vertical, contract value, first touch attribution, and more to create complex personas in your analysis.

  • Heap Connect Icon
    Heap Connect

    Our retroactive, managed ETL process means that your data teams have all they have all the data in a clean, easy to use schema. That means your best minds are discovering new insights, not building pipelines and munging data.

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