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Product Analytics

Everyone has a digital product. Use product analytics to make your product stand out.

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  • Improve Your Product Team’s Agility Icon

    Improve Your Product Team’s Agility

    Decrease the time from question to insight with Heap’s innovative approach to data collection. Heap’s access to retroactive data and easy-to-use UI delivers answers fast so you can always plan a way to take action in your next sprint.

  • Increase Your Data Access Icon

    Increase Your Data Access

    With Heap’s autocaptured dataset, product teams can analyze their data, get instant access to new behaviors, and have a view into historical trends without engineering resources. Heap empowers product teams to make data-driven decisions with a complete dataset and a product analytics UI.

  • Drive Better Business Outcomes Icon

    Drive Better Business Outcomes

    Use Heap’s product analytics to make data-driven decisions a reality. Get to market sooner by making data-backed decisions faster, and re-allocate engineering resources from implementing tracking code to developing product-enhancing features.

Enterprise companies like Freshworks and Startups like Klaviyo make use of Heap’s flexibility, low engineering overhead, and complete dataset to drive product strategy.

Learn more about Freshwork’s product analytics wins.

“We were able to increase adoption of templates by 20% by making the feature more discoverable and making tweaks. Heap data was at the core of this. From a business perspective, our customers are now more productive and have more time.”

Gireesh Subramanian
Gireesh Subramanian, Director of Product Management
Prioritize Your Product Roadmap

Dive deeper than measuring monthly active users (MAU). Instead leverage product analytics to create meaningful KPIs and make product innovations to drive improvement.

  • Easily measure feature engagement with complete historical data at any point in the product life cycle
  • Measure the impact of experiments and A/B tests on your KPIs
  • Prioritize product enhancements for high-value features and sunset unused features
  • Analyze the influence of a feature on customer retention and conversion
Remove Points of Friction

Eliminate bottlenecks and build a better customer experience using product analytics.

  • Identify areas of improvement and drop off in key user flows
  • Measure product adoption and feature discovery across your customer base
  • Compare product activation rates across devices, browsers, and different user segments
  • Easily reproduce bugs with access to a complete log of your customers’ interactions
Identify Drop Off
Improve Product Retention

Use product analytics to determine what keeps your customer coming back. Then use that knowledge to build a product your customers can’t get enough of.

  • Understand feature stickiness with daily, weekly, and monthly retention reports
  • Compare retention across different user segments to understand who is getting the most value out of your product and how to build a more personalized experience
  • Measure the impact of engagement on retention to guide your product prioritization
Understand Your Users

View all of your users’ activity to get a complete picture of your customers’ experience. Don’t get blindsided by unknown unknowns.

  • Take a deep dive into any user to see a complete history of their interactions
  • Discover undefined metrics by analyzing a customer’s history
  • Build and compare different user segments based on attributes and past behaviors
  • Codelessly combine customer behavior with CRM data to understand how different segments engage with your product

Drive your product strategy with Heap

Learn how Heap helps product teams build better products using a complete, retroactive dataset.
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Drive Product Strategy with Data. Prioritize your roadmap, allocate your resources effectively, and build a better product.

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“We established KPIs, what to analyze and what areas needed the most help, and directly scored our backlog based off the Heap data. The Heap data drives our focus. Prioritization is key when competing against much larger organizations.”

Bill Farrell
Bill Farrell, Head of Product
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