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Financial Services

Data You Trust Without The Delays You Hate

Take action on a trustworthy dataset to deliver a targeted experience and drive customer loyalty.

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Build a Data Driven Culture with Trustworthy, Actionable Data

  • Get More Time for What Matters

    Drive alignment with data you trust.

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    Stop wasting time with manual tagging, investigating what events mean, and making business decisions based on who has the biggest ego. Heap saves you time so you can build better products and a data-driven culture with actionable data. With Heap's advanced data governance features, codeless QA tools, and virtual events, financial services companies can ensure data is accurate, accessible, and understood.

  • Understand the Complete Picture

    See the entire user journey—not just a step.

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    Understand your customers' entire experience, so you can optimize features and user flows. Heap automatically captures every user interaction — across devices and digital channels — without any tracking code. This means you can focus on gaining new insights, preventing fraud, and building a better relationship with your customers, so they keep coming back.

  • Optimize and Convert More Customers

    Use data to deliver the right customer experience.

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    Resolve friction in your user flows to increase acquisition, improve engagement, and reduce churn. Take action on your data with advanced funnel analysis, behavioral cohorting, and a user friendly UI.

Opploans Simplifies Its Loan Application Funnel

OppLoans is a fintech company dedicated to offering consumers with non-prime credit scores access to safe, fast, and affordable bridge financing. The company uses Heap to consolidate its data across silos and optimize conversion rate. The result: an 8-figure boost in revenue, a 5% lift in conversion rate, and more engineering resources to build better products.

Heap empowers companies like Esurance, LendingClub, and OppLoans to make better decisions, faster. We ensure our customers have all the data they need to drive conversion, increase feature adoption, and create loyal customers.

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“Heap is the only tool I’ve encountered that lets everyone instantly answer business questions.”

Alan D’Souza
Alan D’Souza, Director of Product Analytics
  • Streamline Event Management Icon
    Streamline Event Management

    Govern your data with customizable permissions, event verification, annotations, stale event alerting and more. Ensure your tracking plan is always up to date with Heap's Event Dictionary. Autocapture every tap, click, swipe, field change and pageview in your web or mobile app without writing any code. Update, combine, or create new events seamlessly to maintain a clean dataset as your product evolves.

  • Own Your Data Icon
    Own Your Data

    Heap connects with major warehouses like Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake and data lakes like Amazon S3. Join retroactive behavioral data with proprietary data sets downstream to create a complete view of your customers, enhance predictive models for fraud, customize attribution models, and perform advanced analysis with your BI tool.

  • Get Insights Faster Icon
    Get Insights Faster

    Heap's analysis tools and retroactive datasets give Product and Marketing teams instant insights leading to increased conversion, more efficient ad spend, and long-term customer loyalty. Avoid delays in deployment, QA, and analysis by empowering your entire team to get data-driven without creating bottlenecks for your data and analytics teams.

  • Maintain A Secure, Complete Record Icon
    Maintain A Secure, Complete Record

    Capture a complete, and tamper proof data set of your customer's interactions and protect yourself against fraud and data blackouts, while adhering to GDPR. Heap is SOC2 and GDPR Compliant - providing tools like automatic PII detectors, a user deletion API, and custom configurations to ensure you have complete control over your data.

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