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Struggling with Lackluster eCommerce Tools? You’re Not Alone.

Ecommerce is an agile industry — and ecommerce analytics tools haven’t kept up. Instead of static metrics like pageviews and bounce rates, ecommerce companies need intelligent analytics and reporting that give them critical insights into a ever changing customer journey. Forget confounding shopping cart abandonment and unclear product engagement. Instead, get the insights needed to create a data-driven strategy based on how customers really use your website.

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Why eCommerce Companies Choose Heap

  • Advanced Attribution

    Find the channels with the highest return.

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    Rather than focusing on first or last touch, Heap captures every touch to help companies understand which channels drive conversions, higher order values, and repeat customers.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Decrease friction on your website.

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    Heap automatically captures experimentation variation data, device type, ad campaigns, and more so you can determine the best ways to optimize product changes and ad spend.

  • Create Brand Loyalty

    Optimize for LTV, not just acquisition.

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    Determine the actions that great customers take and focus your marketing and product strategies around driving good behavior. Find ways to improve your products and your store, so you can transform mediocre customers to loyal repeat business.

  • Faster Insights

    Get more time to do what matters.

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    Remove technical bottlenecks, so you can spend more time improving features and services, not building pipelines and tagging.

How Chubbies Shorts Uses Heap for eCommerce Analytics

Watch how fast-growing retailer Chubbies Shorts leverages Heap to get new insights. Using its behavioral data, the company can now discover trends, optimize its acquisition channels, and get an "all-in" view into what's happening on the Chubbies website and app.

  • Codeless Tagging Icon
    Codeless Tagging

    Automatically capture every tap, click, swipe, field change and pageview in your web or mobile app without writing a single line of code or filing a single ticket. Heap’s “capture everything” philosophy means that you always have a complete and retroactive data-set.

  • Dynamic Funnels Icon
    Dynamic Funnels

    Identify drop-off in your checkout funnel. Dive into the details into every step of customer behavior to ensure your flow is seamless. Analyze your funnel using metrics such as device, customer cohort, and attribution channel so you can improve spend and encourage the right behaviors.

  • Behavioral Cohorting Icon
    Behavioral Cohorting

    Understand how different customer behaviors drive conversions and LTV. Create segments of users by filtering for their real-time behavior and historical actions. Combine user activity with user attributes like lifetime value and first-touch attribution to create complex personas in your analysis.

  • Heap Connect Icon
    Heap Connect

    Our retroactive, managed ETL process means that your data teams have all the data in a clean, easy-to-use schema. That means your best minds are discovering new insights, not building pipelines and munging data.

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