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Heap User Groups

Heap User Group

Heap User Group for Financial Services

Thursday, February 3
9AM-10AM PT | 12PM-1PM ET | 5PM-6PM BST

Naman Agarwal Director of Analytics
at Ratehub &
Heap Champion

Do you use Heap at a Financial Services company? Then the Heap User Group (HUG) I lead is perfect for you.

Bring ANY question you want to ask about Heap, and the group will work together to help you find an answer. If you'd like to submit your question ahead of time, send it to See you soon!

Heap User Groups (HUGs) are informal groups led by users like you who want to help others succeed with using Heap. Come discuss best practices, collectively problem-solve, and gain ongoing education. Think of HUGs as group office hours where you can bring those sticky questions that you’re working through, along with the data that you have, and get the group’s feedback.